The Furries

Since Chris and I don't have any real kids (yet), we consider our pets to be our "fuzzy" kids and we affectionately refer to them as "The Furries." Because we love them and I love to talk about them, they will probably be featured semi-frequently on this blog. Therefore, I think it's only proper to give each of them an introduction. We'll go in order of adoption.


Earl is our 5 year old Russian Blue. Right before my 20th birthday, he was just a 6 week old kitten that was found in the drywall of a house that was under construction and brought into the vet clinic Chris worked at. He and his brother were found with a litter of abandoned kittens, but they weren't from the same litter. Over Memorial Day weekend, someone needed to take the kittens home or else they had to go to the pound. Chris volunteered to take them for the weekend because he knew it would make me happy. As soon as I saw baby Earl, I picked him up and told Chris he was NOT going back to the vet. Earl never left my arms the entire weekend and the feisty and opinionated cat has grown to be the grumpy clown of our family. He's ALWAYS angry, always hungry, always sleepy... and rarely graceful. Chubby and wheezy with a high-pitched, girly mew, Earl's favorite pass time is suckling on a stuffed Snoopy. It's actually really funny.


Chris and I adopted Emma right after we moved into our first apartment. One of his coworkers was an Australian Cattle Dog (ACD) breeder and Chris had ALWAYS wanted one. Well, his coworker had a litter of puppies for sale and I begged and pleaded until we got to take Ems home. To be honest, Emma is a tank. End of story. She is the most stubborn, solid dog I have EVER seen. Oh yea, AND she's crazy... but in a (mostly) lovable way. I treasure the rare times where she will actually calm down and snuggle with you. Unfortunately, those are few and far between. She loves to chase frisbees and her sister.


Andy is my BABY. Seriously. He is the sweetest, most placid cat you will EVER meet. AND HE'S SO FLUFFY!!! I had been pushing Chris to adopt another cat (Are you sensing a theme here?) but he kept saying we did NOT need another pet. In November of 2008, I became pregnant and suffered a miscarriage at 6 weeks. Shortly after, I asked for a kitten again because I needed something to cuddle and love. Chris relented and Andy was dropped off outside the vet clinic Chris works at with a box of other kittens shortly thereafter. That night Chris called me to come look at him because I had said I wanted a black cat. I looked at him and said I wanted him, but my heart wasn't convinced and I was thinking he might be a mistake. Every day since, Andy has proved to be the best thing that could have happened to us. He is SO loving and affectionate. He's my perfect cat. He seriously has the sweetest personality. I love waking up to find him snuggled beside me with his paw thrown over my arm. I love how he rolls over and begs for belly rubs. I love how inquisitive he is and how he will headbutt you to get the loves. And I love how he falls asleep forehead to forehead with me at night. 


After we adopted Andy, I began the push for another dog. "Emma is LONELY!!" I pleaded. Chris held firm for several months, saying he had given in to me for the last time. Shortly before we got married, his coworker that breeds ACDs had another litter from the same mother, but with a different father. "Ems could have a half-sibling!" I pleaded. Chris still said no. In fact, he was so adamant about not getting another dog that he wouldn't even allow me to come visit him at the clinic if the puppies were there because he knew if I saw them we would go home with one. (I'm VERY persuasive like that.) After we got back from our honeymoon, I resumed the push for a puppy. What better wedding present could we give ourselves than a new puppy to love and cherish?! And besides, puppies are MUCH cheaper than children. Either Chris got tired of listening to me whine or he genuinely wanted another dog.. either way, he relented and told me I could come see one of the puppies that was at the clinic because she had been stung in the face by a wasp. I was beside myself! I KNEW I'd won. And indeed, Penny came home with him the next morning and has been our fierce little woman ever since. She is calmer than Emma and more affectionate, but she's not shy when it comes to roughhousing with her sister. And if you have any doubts that our dogs are related.. just watch them. They know how to push each others' buttons like no other!