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My name is Mandy McCullough and MandysSecrets is my personal blog. It was established March 11th, 2011. The domain name MandysSecrets.com was purchased and registered by Mandy McCullough on May 25th, 2011 and retains all copyrights.

If you have any questions about the policies listed below or any other matter, please feel free to contact me at mandyssecretsinquiries@gmail.com.

Unless otherwise noted, all of the products that are reviewed on this site have been personally purchased by me, Mandy McCullough, with my own money. I also accept products for review from companies and public relations representatives. Other products that are eligible to be reviewed are gratis products provided by my employer or vendors, or personal gifts from friends and family. The trust of my readers is of the utmost importance to me. Therefore, all of the reviews written for this blog solely reflect my personal opinion of the products and are in no way influenced by any outside party or endorsement. 

Receipt of a product either from companies, PR departments, vendors, or from personal friends and family does not constitute a contract for a published review of the product, or that the product will be included on this site in any way. 

Beginning with the inception of this blog on March 11th, 2011, all complimentary items received and subsequently publicized for review will be disclosed as such.

Periodically, MandysSecrets will host giveaways that are sponsored by various companies. These giveaways have prizes that are funded and fulfilled by the company or PR agency hosting the giveaway, not by MandysSecrets or Mandy McCullough. Mandy McCullough and MandysSecrets have no part in fulfilling or shipping the giveaway prize. It will be shipped out directly by the company or PR agency to the announced giveaway winner(s). Furthermore, Mandy McCullough and MandysSecrets are not liable or responsible for any lost or missing giveaway prizes.

Mandy McCullough and MandysSecrets accept various forms of advertising, products, and other forms of compensation. You will see ads on MandysSecrets, along with posts labeled as "Sponsored" or "Featured" content and posts that contain affiliate links. However, as previously stated, compensation (monetary or otherwise) does not influence the content or information on this site in any way. I am committed to always giving my honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences and not endorsing products that I do not believe meet my stringent quality standards.

Mandy McCullough and MandysSecrets do not directly sell any products and therefore make no warranties, guarantees or promises as to the effectiveness or quality of any product mentioned, reviewed or advertised. Reviews are based solely on my personal experiences, knowledge and opinions. Individual users’ opinions may vary. Comments concerning reviews from users about their experiences are encouraged and welcomed to provide a discussion forum conducive to the exchanging of original ideas and opinions.

All MandysSecrets YouTube videos, written materials and personal pictures with the ‘MandysSecrets.com’ watermark or photo credit featured on this blog are the sole property of Mandy McCullough and MandysSecrets and retain their full copyright as authorized by law. For information on this, please see the licensing information below. Unauthorized use of material, either in full, part, or derivative form, without express permission is prohibited. Republication without express permission may result in legal action as deemed necessary.

Please note that this blog is protected by Copyscape and Google Image Search. If you steal my work, I will find you and hold you accountable. 

Notice - For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work. The best way to do this is with a link to this web page.

All site logos and feature headers and images (MandysSecrets header, Beauty Spam Sunday header, Mandy's Favorites header, Giveaway/Anniversary headers, 'Mandy' with lip print signature, 'Best of' Headers, pink and grey 1-5 star rating system (including half stars) in reviews, etc) are property of MandysSecrets and were created by me, Mandy McCullough. They retain all copyrights and creative licenses and are protected by the license posted above.

Pictures used in posts that are not marked with the MandysSecrets watermark that do not have photo credits watermarked to them were found through Google Image searches and are the sole creative and intellectual property of their respective owners. MandysSecrets and Mandy McCullough do not claim credit for these works in any way, shape or form. If clear source attribution can be found, it will always be listed under the picture.

This site and its author do not claim accountability for any comment left by site visitors. I only claim responsibility for the information I personally contribute in written, video and picture form, whether it be in posts, pages, or comments.

MandysSecrets is a public blog that encourages user interaction and discussion both with the author and other readers. However, under no circumstances shall someone be discriminated against or attacked based on their race, ethnicity, sex, religious beliefs, social or economic status or sexual orientation. Also, any baseless defamatory accusations meant to incite anger and spread hate will not be tolerated. Finally, MandysSecrets is not a place for any form of "mature" content. 

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Thank you very much for visiting MandysSecrets. None of this would be possible without the support of my readers.