Wednesday, November 20, 2013

REVIEW -- Beauty Junkees Flaweless Beauté Makeup Applicators

Hey everyone! Today I have a review of Beauty Junkees makeup application sponges. I've gone through phases where I've used those cheap-o wedge cosmetic sponges to apply my foundation, or flat foundation brushes, or my fingers (depending on my level of laziness), but I've never used shaped sponges before!

I love the bright, fun colors that these come in, and each shape does something different:

PURPLE PEAR: Hourglass figure helps for a better grip and is used primarily on wider areas of the face.
PINK TEARDROP: Base is best used for wide areas of the face such as cheeks, forehead, and jawline. Pointed tip is handy for use around the nose, eyes, and lips.
BLUE SCULPTOR: Wet or dry sponge whose flat surface helps to finish a look by blending areas of contouring or the overall look by using all over the face.
GREEN SPADE: Dual uses for the makeup perfectionist. Use where you are wanting exact application OR use it as an eraser to fix mistakes.

Each sponge is latex free, non-allergenic, Vitamin E infused, washable and reusable, and works with cream, liquid, powder, and mineral foundation.

I also love that I was sent instructions on how to use and clean my sponges, and tips on what each sponge is used for. Because let's be real, I don't always have the best critical thinking skills. I would probably have been looking at the sponges like "What do I do with these?"
Before using my sponges, I cleaned all of them as the instructions suggested. I used my ELF brush shampoo, but you can also use baby shampoo, hand soap, or olive oil. The instructions also suggest to wet your sponges prior to use, and to clean them after time.

I tried applying my makeup two ways with the sponges: by using the sponge to apply and blend the liquid foundation and then by using my fingers to apply my foundation and blending it with the sponges. I found that the second way gave me an easier, more flawless application.

I generally use the pink or purple sponges for the wider areas of my face, and the green one for smaller areas around my eyes and nose. Then I use the flat edge of the blue sponge is to apply setting powder after my foundation is done. (I don't wet the blue sponge to apply powder, but I do wet the other 3.)

I always wash my hands after I apply my makeup, so I give my sponges a quick wash as well and leave them out on our bathroom counter to dry. The instructions were very clear not to seal your sponges in any bag or container to prevent them from growing mold or mildew.
How do I love these makeup sponges? Let me count the ways:
  • PRICE: At $12.97 for the entire set, you're getting 4 sponges for about the cost of ONE sponge in another brand.
  • VALUE: The foam density of these sponges doesn't soak up excess product like less expensive cosmetic wedges, saving you both product and money when it comes to foundation. And if you use expensive foundation, this is even more important!
  • EASE OF APPLICATION: Even if you feel you're not the most "application savvy" person out there, the Beauty Junkees sponges are essentially goof proof and give you a flawless application every time.

Ok, so three ways. But those are three seriously AWESOME ways and it's enough to seal the deal and ensure the Beauty Junkees Flaweless Beauté Makeup Applicators a PERFECT RATING in my book!

RATING: 5 out of 5 STARS

Have you tried the Beauty Junkees makeup sponges before? If not, what do you use to apply your foundation? Let me know in the comments! :)

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