Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September 2013 Ipsy Bag

Hey everyone! This month's Ipsy Glam Bag is based on the theme of "Classic Beauty." The bag is bright blue with a black, lacy design printed on it. This month's bag also included a fun extra: a look at Michelle Phan's new Em cosmetics line. (Michelle is one of the Ipsy Stylists!)

FREEMAN Facial Paper Masks. I got 3: Brightening Rose, Purifying Star Fruit, and Hydrating Blue Agave. I love masks, and ones that I can literally peel and stick are right up my lazy alley! So far I've used the Blue Agave one and really liked it. The serum in it didn't leave my face sticky afterwards or turn me into an oil slick the next morning! Win win! But then again, I have yet to find a product from Freeman that I don't like. Promo offer: Receive 44% off Feeling Beautiful Sweet 16 Sachet set and receive a free gift at freemanbeauty.com/IPSYFEELINGBEAUTIFUL with promo code.

EM COSMETICS The Life Palette Career Life Sample. Full size palette includes 36 shades for eyes, cheeks, and lips and creates 4 curated look for endless possibilities. Looks include: Power Suit, Girl in Charge, Out to Lunch, and Natural Talent. Each look has 6 eye shades, 2 lip shades, and 1 cheek shade. The compact comes with a double ended shadow/liner brush, and the equivalent of a nail art dotting tool to pop shades out of the palette, which is really convenient.

The sample that I received was of 3 shadows and the blush from the Natural Talent quad of the palette. The textures were both awesome! Very soft, silky, and smooth. The blush is a gorgeous soft, rosy pink with gold shimmer. The shadows were okay. The lighter shades weren't exceptionally pigmented, but I also didn't swatch them over primer either. The darker shade was more pigmented, but I think it still needs the help of a primer as well. No promo code was offered for purchases of Em Cosmetics.

CAILYN COSMETICS Tinted Lip Balm. There are 18 shades, but all Glam Bag subscribers received the shade Big Apple. The color is a little 'meh' but I think the built in brush is super convenient, and I am a lip product hoarder so I'll keep this around! Promo offer: 30% off any purchase at cailyncosmetics.com with code.

STARLOOKS Obsidian Kohl Eye Pencil. Everyone that got this pencil got the same shade (Obsidian), but there are 11 shades in all. The pencil goes on smoothly, but it takes a few swipes to build up pigmentation. I haven't actually worn it out yet, but no matter how long I let the swatch sit on my hand, I could still smudge it out. Since I only use pencil liners in my water line, that's not really a good thing for me. And one very random complaint: the cap on this pencil feels so flimsy.. almost like I could crush it in half? Promo offer: 20% off purchases of $35 or more at starlooks.com with code.

ELIZABETH MOTT It's So Big Volumizing Mascara. By now you should know that mascara is like my crack (along with lip products, and face scrubs), so naturally I was thrilled to get another new pretty to add to my collection, although I haven't exactly tried it yet.. I'm waiting for my Benefit Bad Gal mini to run out before I start using this one. It looks promising, though! I love the hourglass brush! Promo offer: 50% off any purchase at elizabethmott.com/shop/ipsy with code.

NYX Single Eye Shadow. It looks like Ipsy subscribers got a variety of shades with this sample. The one I received is Charcoal, which is a shimmery, silver graphite color. It's pretty, and I absolutely adore the quality of NYX shadows (and products in general), but I need another eye shadow like I need a hole in my head. One of my friends was looking through my Ipsy bag when she came over last weekend, so I sent this home with her. Promo offer: 30% off NYX eye shadow bases and HD eye shadow bases at nyxcosmetics.com with code.

I really liked my Ipsy bag this month! Even when I get products that I don't need/won't use, I'm willing to give them a pass as long as they interest me so I'll give this bag 4 out of 5 stars!

RATING 4.0 out of 5 STARS

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