Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Future of MandysSecrets...

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Hey everyone! This is.. one of those long, rambling posts that I feel has been a long time coming, and I've never wanted to actually have to sit down and write it. However, I feel like I'm at a point in my life and my blog where my priorities have shifted, and I've always striven to be transparent to my readers.. so here we are.

Now, don't get scared. This isn't a "I'm quitting blogging" post by ANY means. I've worked too hard, and MandysSecrets and the friends I've made along the way mean too much to me to consider walking away.. But I do know that the way I'm currently doing things is not working well for me or my blog, so something somewhere has to give.

Originally, I had all these dreams of being the best blogger ever and having all these cool partnerships.. and I was actually achieving blog success that continually amazed and humbled me. I've had the pleasure and privilege of working with some amazing companies over the last year.

But MandysSecrets is not my full time job, nor did I ever intend for it to be. I do work outside the home, and I'm very fortunate to also be achieving great success in my career as well. On the flip side, with that success comes promotions and much more job responsibility than I previously had.. which is awesome. I've never felt more professionally successful and fulfilled in my career than I do at this moment, and I'm so thankful that I have a boss who believes in my development.

Things have been going so well for me, and then my husband and I decided it was time for us to start a family. Being pregnant has been one of the most interesting experiences of my life for sure. It's something that I could have never prepared myself for, and it seems like time is flying by faster than a speeding freight train, which both excites and terrifies me all at the same time. Before you know it, June will be here and we'll be holding our little baby Carey in our arms for the first time. Just.. wow.

So.. with all that being said, a lot has changed in my life within the last 8 months, and it's made me have to do a lot of thinking about the future of MandysSecrets. All of these grand plans that I had envisioned have now had to be re-evaluated, and I've had to remove myself from several of the partnerships and commitments I had made due to just not having the time to dedicate myself to them anymore. In some ways, I see this as a personal failure. I'm not a quitter..

However, now more than ever, I'm realizing that myself and my family come first. I've seen a drastic reduction in the time that I currently have to blog, and I can't see that time ever increasing in the future with another job promotion approaching, and a baby due in 3 months.

For the last couple months, I've tried to devote one day a week to blogging and responding to PR emails. And it works.. sometimes. But I also have a household to run, and other things to deal with (doctor's appointments, etc). So maybe once every three weeks, I'm ACTUALLY able to sit down and spend the 8-9 hours catching up on everything for MandysSecrets that I need to attend to. By this point, I'm super behind on emails and doing sponsored/PR posts that those take my first priority. So once I have 7-9 posts completed, I'm SO excited that I actually have content that I schedule them to run consecutively. I convince myself that by the time that content runs its course, I will have had time to generate more. Let's be honest, if you look at my blog archive.. this never happens.

And I've tried doing a little bit each day. At this point in my life, it's just not feasible. And I'm not going to force myself to make subpar content just to have something to post. I can't (and I won't) do it.

So here's my new plan: Going forward, I'm going to continue blogging when I can, but instead of scheduling the posts I manage to get done to run consecutively.. I'm going to try to run maybe 1-2 a week. This does not necessarily mean an increase (or decrease) in the amount of content I am able to create, but it should spread it out to make my posting more consistent. Because let's be honest, it's not cute to have 1 week of continuous posts and then 3 weeks of nothing.

I'm also going to go ahead and make it known that I will be taking a blogging hiatus to focus on baby Carey after his birth. I'm estimating the time to be June 1st - September 1st since he is due on June 7th, but the dates might change if I go past my delivery date and I'm feeling fine before hand. Of course, I'll be sure to keep you updated with that and will definitely find the time to sneak in a post showing off our newest addition when he arrives! :)

As always, I would again like to take a moment to thank all my readers, fellow MABB members, and friends that I have made along the way for their love and support of me and my blog. Without you, there wouldn't even BE a MandysSecrets, and I am so eternally grateful to all of you.

Thank you for sticking by me through thick and thin, and know that I always have your interests in my mind when it comes to blogging. I hope the changes I plan to implement will make MandysSecrets a better experience for everyone involved!

And if you have any other ideas, suggestions, or feedback.. please feel free to share! I'm always willing to listen to any advice I can get!


  1. Pammy Blogs BeautyMarch 3, 2013 at 7:07 AM

    Hi Mandy! :) Your health and family totally come first! Sometimes blogging just has to take a back seat. Not because you don't love it...but, sometimes "real life" just gets too busy. It happens to all of us! I have always blogged with the same idea in my head too: wanting to make my blog the best it can be. With that said, I have been in your same spot! When my baby arrived I took a 4 (or was it 6?) week hiatus. I ran some prescheduled posts during that time and answered a few emails here and there. Everyone understands and I am sure your readers will stay loyal whenever you return. PLEASE let me know if you would like any guest posts from me! I would be happy to help you fill in some content (and I am sure our other MABB members would, too). Once your sweet baby arrives it is hard to find the time to blog. For me, I have to wake up at 5:30 am to have a couple hours of time in the mornings to blog. The rest of my day is Mommy-time. Sure, there are times that I sleep in...and those are days that blogging just doesn't get done. I have been wanting to cut back a bit myself. It would make blogging less "stressful" and more fun to post less. I think it is great that you are planning on this ahead of time. You have such an exciting time ahead and I am just so happy for you!!! Please feel free to reach out to me in any way!!! xxoo

  2. Love your blog and will take it whenever I can get it! You need to take care of you and do what's right for you. Enjoy this exciting time.

  3. <3 awwww. we always understand in this community that our lives come first. you are a great lady with fantastic power to do so many wonderful things. i just want to say that i love the name you guys picked out for the baby! I used to have a guy friend named Carey and he passed away, so this makes my heart smile.