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Hey everyone! Today I have a review of the B. Kamins BB Cream for you. B. Kamins is a brand that I had not previously heard of, but I was definitely excited to try it since I might be just a little bit obsessed with BB Creams these days!

B. Kamins is the leader in the next generation of beauty balms power-packed with anti-oxidants, botanicals and vitamins. Read on to find out more about all of it's amazing qualities and to see how it performs in action!
The B. Kamins BB Cream is your 8-in-1 get up and go! The multi-tasking cream will provide all day hydration while firming and brightening to instantly lift your look. The light-weight, non-greasy formula is incredibly versatile and can be worn under foundation and reapplied as needed. It also moisturizes and corrects the skin while reducing fine lines and wrinkles, lifting, firming, and filling out the skin.. leaving behind nothing but a smooth, flawless complexion. In addition, it is one formula that is ideal for all skin types and tones.

Power Ingredients:
  • Hexapeptide-14 and Goji Berry
    • Maximum synergistic effect.
    • Rebuilds skin's extracellular matrix and improves skin's elasticity.
    • Fights the cause of collagen damage.
    • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
    • Helps in recovery from aging, stress, and UV damage.
  • Hydroxyproline (fiber building block)
    • Reduces wrinkle depth and number.
    • Increase skin firmness by affecting fiber contraction.
    • Moisturizes.
  • Hyaluronic Acid
    • Stimulates collagen production.
    • Plumps and firms.
  • Vitamin C
    • Anti-oxidant that fights free radicals.
    • Brightens the skin.
  • Bio-Maple Compound
    • Moisturizing agent that contains AHAs and anti-oxidants to hydrate and brighten the face.
The B. Kamins BB Cream is available in a 50 ml pump and retails for $49. It is available at the wrold's finest luxury resorts, day spas, and beauty boutiques. For more retail information visit the B. Kamins website or call 1-888-252-6467 (1-888-BKAMINS).
First, I really like that the BB Cream comes in one shade that blends with all skin tones. I love products like that.. they really take all the guesswork out of shopping! And there's nothing worse than ordering a product online only to get it and realize it's the COMPLETELY wrong color.. amiright?

Next, you get plenty of product in the 50ml bottle, and it doesn't really take a lot of BB Cream to cover your whole face. I'm able to use about double the amount that you'll see in the collage below for my entire face and neck.

So here's a closeup of the B. Kamins BB Cream in action:

Natural daylight, no flash, no post editing besides cropping and adding watermarks.
As you can see from the first to third picture, the BB Cream is essentially transparent when blended in.. yet it gives my skin a much smoother, slightly dewy, airbrushed finish. It has no scent, and is so light-weight that it feels like you're wearing nothing on your skin!
I have very oily skin, and while I do continue to use my holy grail Smashbox Photo Finish primer every day under my B. Kamins BB Cream, my skin is able to look dewy without getting greasy or shiny throughout the day.

And here's a full face picture using the B. Kamins BB Cream (and some other makeup products that I'll be reviewing soon, so stay tuned!):

What do you think? I think my skin looks pretty darn flawless, if I do say so myself!
Overall, I really like the B. Kamins BB Cream. I like that it's not scented, and that it has one color/is transparent, yet manages to airbrush your skin so flawlessly. Now keep in mind that if you have a serious blemish, it won't provide much actual coverage and you will have to rely more heavily on your concealer.. but if you don't have acne prone or "problem" skin, I think this product would be well worth a try!

It definitely has some awesome ingredients in it, and over the several weeks that I've been testing it out I'm even starting to be able to tell a difference in my skin after all the makeup comes off at night. Seriously, who doesn't love that?!

The only detractor for me is the price. It IS a higher end product.. even more pricey than Smashbox's BB Cream, so it might not be the most affordable option for every person. However, as I mentioned before.. you DO get a lot of product for your money. And I can attest that I use about twice as much of my much less expensive Maybelline BB Cream as I do my BB Kamins per use. I'm sure if you factored up the cost over time (the Maybelline BB Cream retails for about $8-9), the B. Kamins would probably come out to be the less expensive option in the end. Plus, it's a lot better for your skin!

I'm giving the B. Kamins BB Cream a 4.0 out of 5 star rating!

RATING: 4.0 out of 5 STARS

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