Saturday, February 2, 2013

Say YES to Grapefruit! Some Info on the New YES TO Line...

Hey everyone! Have you heard about the newest "Yes To.." Line? It's GRAPEFRUIT! First of all, I love practically any and everything grapefruit/grapefruit scented, and it's also an amazing fruit for you and your skin! We've had the new line in at work for about a month, and I definitely want to try it, but we've had the hardest time keeping it in stock! I haven't seen any of it get returned yet, so I guess that means it's good stuff.. which makes me want to try it even more!

Here's some info about the new Yes To Grapefruit line, and the entire line of "Yes To.." products:

Right now it's all about GRAPEFRUIT! Yes To Grapefruit, the newest family from Yes To which has just arrived in shops across the country, stars formulations which blend powerful fruit acids with ingredients that help to reduce hyper-pigmentation, correct skin damage, and enhance radiance. Use the entire collection to help correct and repair sun damage and age spots (who doesn't love that?). Grapefruit extract assists in warding off free radicals and minimizing skin discoloration and is rich in anti-oxidants such as Vitamin C and Lycopene to help increase skin radiance and even skin tone, promoting healthy, smoother and softer looking skin. Also rich in citrus flavanoids, which contain potent soothing agents. 

Yes To is sold at your local drug store so you can get a gourmet spa experience at a price point that doesn't bust the wallet. So much to love! The products in the line are: Facial towelettes, daily facial scrub, dark circle correcting eye cream, dark spot correcting serum, even skin tone moisturizer, exfoliating body wash, spot correcting body creme, everything to manage your daily beauty regime.

If you wish to purchase any of the Yes To products, you may do so at their website.

Information, and photo were provided courtesy of PR.


  1. I have yet to try any of their products....but I keep hearing wonderful reviews about them. Gonna have to check them out.

  2. are these products sold in any store in Greece?