Tuesday, February 5, 2013

NOTD -- "Glittering Mannequin Hands" with Essence!

Hey everyone! Just a quick post for you today. I feel like I may have worn this combo before, but I honestly can't remember. After all the color and glitter I've been wearing lately, I needed something more calm and neutral to help cleanse my palette.

Essence had two of the perfect polishes! Modern Romance is a sheer nude pink with a barely-there microshimmer that is all but non-existent on the nail. It was looking a little blah, so I glitzed it up with Space Queen, which is the bottle I'm holding in the picture above. It is a multi-colored glitter in a clear pink-ish base. The neutral base color of Modern Romance really allows the multi-colored glitter in Space Queen to stand out. In person, you can clearly see blue, green, and orange glitters!

I believe I did 2 coats of each polish, and then I topped it with one layer of top coat. The result is perfect mannquin hands, with a bit of a sparkle. As far as opacity goes, my ring finger is the most accurate. You can see my nail line through the polish on all of my fingers, I don't know why that one is the only one that showed up in the picture.

Normally I get tired of neutrals after like, an hour.. but this has stayed on for 3 days so far. I'm not gonna lie, I'm kind of digging it for right now.. but I'm sure it will get replaced with some crazy glitter or neon polish soon!

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