Thursday, January 10, 2013

REVIEW -- Vegan Lip Balms by Surya Brasil

Hey everyone! I'm slowly but surely trying to get back into the swing of blogging, now that the craziness of holiday retail is over and I'm settling into the routine of my new position at work. To be honest, I really hate waking up between 4 and 6 am five mornings a week, but I have to admit that it is pretty awesome to be done with my work day by 2pm. Plus, it's helping me re-establish my blogging schedule as well!

My top blogging goal this year is to work on creating better editorial pictures! I'll probably be doing a bit of experimenting for a while until I find the style that suits me best, so please bear with me while I try some new things! And, as always, I love your feedback! If I try something new that you love, definitely let me know in the comments! :)

Anyways, today I have a sneak peek at some new vegan lip balms that will be released next month (February 2013)!

These vegan lip balms are manufactured by the company Surya Brasil. Their focus is on organic and natural beauty products.

The balms are:
  • Vegan certified.
    • No animal ingredients or animal testing.
  • Made with fair trade certified cacao butter.
  • Packaged out of 40% recycled content.
  • Antioxidant rich. 
    • Açai oil is bursting with flavanoids and Omega-9 fatty acids.
  • Made with organic essential oils.
  • Petrolatum, gluten, and paraben free.
  • Free of artificial coloring and fragrance.
  • Free of beeswax.
  • Free of mineral oils and GMOs.

These nutrient rich lip treatments also introduce two new ingredients!
  • Cupuaçu (pronounced coo-pu-was-u) contains Vitamins B1, B2, and B3 (Niacin), fatty and amino acids, as well as antioxidants (including Vitamins A and C). It also has a high flavanoid content and tastes like a cross between chocolate, passion fruit, and bananas.
  • Buriti is rich in Vitamins A and C, with high levels of calcium, iron, and protein. Buriti fruit is traditionally eaten fresh, but can also be turned into sweets and juices.

There are five delicious flavors in total: Cinnamon Cupuaçu, Strawberry Buriti, Açai Berry, Mint Chocolate, and ChocolateEach balm comes in a 0.15oz tube (the same size as a Chap Stick), and will retail for $3.49 at Whole Foods in the US.

As a self-proclaimed lip balm addict, I can never pass up a chance to slather my lips with something new! The fact that these babies are all-natural and vegan was definitely a huge plus, though.. and the flavors sound so intriguing!

First, let's talk about quality: All 5 of the balms have the same amazing formula. It's a smooth, buttery consistency that glides on your lips effortlessly. There's no tugging or pulling on your lips during application. While the balm is on my lips, they feel protected and hydrated, but not sticky or waxy like some lip balms tend to be. I think this is due to the high quality cacao butter used. I can get about 3-4 hours of wear before I feel the need to reapply, but I'm also almost always eating or drinking. I think you could get a longer wear time out of these with normal eating and drinking conditions.

Now let's talk about the fun part.. flavors!

Strawberry Buriti -- Smells like strawberry preserves. Not overly sweet, and not artificial.

Açai Berry -- This one smells like berry. Not really like grape, but if you're unfamiliar with the smell of açai berries, that would be the closest thing I can relate it to. Again, this is not a sweet or artificial/Dimetap smelling scent.

Chocolate -- Chocolate smells more like cacao or cocoa powder than an actual bar of Hersheys chocolate. 

Mint Chocolate -- Mostly mint, with just a hint of chocolate. This smells like a sweet, creamy mint with a chocolate undertone. Almost like a York Peppermint Patty? (You can tell this girl loves her candy!)

Cinnamon Cupuaçu -- My absolute favorite! You know those cinnamon brooms or cinnamon pine cones that come out during fall? That's EXACTLY what this one smells like! And the Hubby and I both love us some cinnamon, so naturally this one tops my list!

Overall, I love these balms! I love how moisturizing they are, love the scents, and love that they're all natural and vegan/cruelty free! I've been consistently using mine for about a month and a half now, and still have plenty left in each tube!

They're the perfect size for purses, pockets, backpacks, clutches, etc.. and they also work well under long-wear lipsticks to help keep your lips hydrated.

I'm thrilled to give these a perfect rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Be sure to stop by your local Whole Foods next month to pick them up! I know I'll be stalking mine to buy up all of their Cinnamon Cupuaçus like they're going out of style. I need one with me everywhere I go!

RATING: 5 out of 5 STARS

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