Friday, November 16, 2012

FRIDAY FAVORITES -- "It's Thanksgiving" by Nicole Westbrook

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! If you have no clue who the girl singing into the turkey leg in the picture above is, you must have been hiding under a rock for the last week or so. She's Nicole Westbrook, the newest Rebecca  Black-esque internet sensation... with her hit song "It's Thanksgiving" which was, coincidentally, written by the same guy who wrote and produced Black's "Friday." (He's the black guy eating ribs who's dressed up like a turkey in "It's Thanksgiving" ...and no, I'm NOT making that up!)

"It's Thanksgiving" has everything I love about horrible music: Questionably informative lyrics: "April was Easter, and the Fourth of July.. but now it's Thanksgiving!" Say WHAT?! Repetitive lyrics: "We we we are gonna have a good tiiiiime!" And a good white girl rap sequence, among other awesome atrocities.

But what the song lacks in talent, it makes up for with just being really damn catchy.. and the video is HILARIOUS, as my screen shot above clearly proves. I won't spoil all the ridiculousness that goes down in it. You kind of just need to experience it for yourself, if you haven't already!

I'm going to leave you with a couple of my favorite screen shots and an awesome .gif from the video, then I'll let you experience it in it's full awesomeness below! This song has me SO in the Thanksgiving spirit.. I, I, I am so excited!!! Can't be hateful, gotta be grateful.. mashed potatoes on my, on my table!

Well, not really on the mashed potatoes.. but I wish they were! I'm hungry, y'all!


I'm pretty sure I've watched this video like at least 400x by now. It's so amazingly bad and catchy that I just can't stop! Which is why, it's absolutely my favorite thing this week!

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  1. Omg that gif kills me! I have yet to watch this video because I... Well I just don't want to be angry, lol.