Thursday, September 20, 2012

I'm Now a "Makeup Maven" for Pretty In My Pocket!

Hey everyone! Quick post today.. I have SUPER exciting news! I'm beyond thrilled and very honored to tell you that I am now a Makeup Maven for the new iPhone/iPad app called Pretty In My Pocket!

Haven't heard of it yet? That's okay! The *free* app (which is currently available on the iPhone and iPad, but will be released in the Android Market soon) lets you scan bar codes on beauty products while you're out shopping and will then pull up any reviews of that specific product that were written by the Pretty In My Pocket ("PRIMP") Makeup Mavens!

Once you get the app, you'll have the option to match yourself up with a Maven based on various attributes (same hair/eye color and/or skin tone, makeup styles, etc). If you choose me, you'll get to see everything that I put into my virtual makeup bag.. which means everything that I rate "5 stars" will be right at your fingertips whenever you want it! PLUS you'll have a direct link to my blog in case you need to pull any other information up quickly!

Currently, PRIMP includes products from, Sephora, and Nordstrom.. but they're working on adding new beauty retail sites and products every day!

Be warned: Things will be a bit slow for me in the beginning. Not only is the "Makeup Maven" section of the app under construction, but I'm having to input all of my reviews (because I'm starting from scratch with them) and have the PRIMP team upload them manually for me since I have an Android phone and don't currently have access to the actual app.

Rest assured, though.. I'll definitely keep you updated with what's going on, and you'll always be able to know what content I put on the app by looking for this image on my blog reviews:

So.. yeah! To say that I'm excited is an understatement. I can't WAIT to get started with PRIMP. I think it's such a fantastic idea, and there's such a need for something like this in the beauty industry! Speaking from experience (remember, I work beauty retail for a living!), even though most women still buy their products from a physical store.. they end up doing a lot of their research ahead of time online.

But even for an expert like myself, sometimes you forget specifics or get confused between products once you get to the store and Google (while wonderful) is not always the easiest place to turn to in a pinch. There are too many search results to sort through and it can be challenging, not to mention time consuming, trying to browse various websites and blogs from your phone in the middle of a store.

Not to mention from my end on the retail side of things.. even though I know "a lot" about a lot of beauty products, it's impossible for me to know everything about every product we sell in my store. That's where PRIMP comes in!

- - - - - * - - - - -

What do you think? Does taking my beauty expertise shopping with you whenever you want sound like an awesome idea or what?! :)

You can currently find Pretty In My Pocket in the iPhone App Store.

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