Thursday, September 6, 2012

31 MANI CHALLENGE -- Mani 2: Orange Nails

Hey everyone! Today's 31 Day Mani Challenge theme is ORANGE nails. While I like orange, it's not always my favorite color to wear.. and I didn't intend to actually make a full mani out of this. However, once I got started, I ended up liking it more than I had originally anticipated, so it stuck around for a couple of days!

I did a trigger mani accent with 2 coats China Glaze Papaya Punch on my accent fingers, 2 coats of Color Club's Wham! Pow! on my other fingers, and I followed that up with 1 coat of Ulta's Pinyata-Yada-Yada on all of my nails for some extra sparkle!

Pinyata-Yada-Yada is one of the easier chunky glitters to work with.. IF you show it some love first. I always invert the bottle while I'm painting my base colors so that the glitters sink to the top. Then I'm able to just brush the polish on and spread the glitters around. I'll dab a few extra glitters into a bald spot, if I need to, but it's really a very painless application!

This was kind of my "last hurrah" of summer mani, as I actually wore it earlier in the week for Labor Day. I got lots of compliments on it for it being as simple as it is.. I was a little surprised! But then again, I never shy away from a compliment so I was all like "Oh yeeeeaaaahhhh!!!! Aren't they fab?!" Haha! :P

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  1. Hi I love that color with the glitter. I do that with the hot pink nails and put pink glitter on it.