Tuesday, July 3, 2012

PARTY ROCK Nails.. and Tournament Fun!

Hey everyone! This weekend Hubby had his Mid-Season Tournament for Frisbee. He plays through the Atlanta Flying Disc Club and it's become one of the highlights of our summer every year. This summer, his team is called Party Rock (like the LMFAO song), so naturally I had to do some themed nail art when I went out to support him!

The team jerseys are royal blue with black and lime green Party Rock glasses on them. Since black wouldn't really show up against my blue polish, I opted to use white instead. I took inspiration from the Party Rock glasses themselves, the "Shuffle" guy, the Party Rock logo, and Redfoo's love of leopard print. These actually weren't that hard to do and I'm proud to say that my polish-writing skills are improving! Unfortuantely, the Seche Vite that I used had gotten too thick and these didn't make it through the end of Saturday. :(

For Sunday, I cut all of my nails back and wore Sally Hansen Salon Effects strips in Cry Baby. It's a bright (almost neon) baby pink.. very similar in color to Sinful Colors 24/7.

Products Used:
  • Orly -- Royal Navy (blue)
  • Wet N Wild Spoiled -- I'm So Jaded (green)
  • LA Colors -- Live (silver dots on Party Rock glasses)
  • Seche Vite
  • White acrylic paint
  • 1mm green rhinestones on Party Rock glasses
  • Small detail brush
  • Dotting Tool

- - - - - * - - - - -

Chris is wearing the Party Rock jersey.. I'm wearing a party on my shirt. :)
As for the weekend.. it was CRAZY hot outside! Saturday was the hottest day EVER in Atlanta's recorded history. It got up to 106 degrees! 

I know my phone says the high was only going to be 103, but it kept climbing higher throughout the day. No wonder it was already 83 degrees at 10am! We'd been out there for about an hour at that point and were already sweating like crazy. Needless to say, hydration was top priority!

That's my guy! :)
Hubby had a couple of really good plays and made an awesome catch for a score on Sunday. Saturday they went 3-0 and made it to the quarter finals! Sunday wasn't so good.. they were 0-2, but they still have half of the season left to make up for it!

The team captain decided to channel Redfoo's awesomeness for one of the games.. even in the heat! I have to admit that I'm totally jealous of his style and want a pair of those tights. He said he got them on Amazon.. so I might have to rock some at the End of Season Tournament! Haha!

- - - - - * - - - - -

I'll leave you with the Party Rock video because you KNOW you want to watch it. :)

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