Thursday, July 26, 2012

NOTD -- A New Franken: Infinity Pool

Hey everyone! Happy Thursday! Today I have a new franken that I whipped up on Monday night. I always hate when I can never find a polish that I want to wear (which is happening all too frequently lately..). Hubby was like "Well, why don't you just make one, then?"

Why don't I indeed? :P

So as I sat there muttering about what an insufferable jerk he can be sometimes, I started grabbing polishes and mixing. There was really no rhyme or reason.. I just wanted to see what Revlon Royal would look like with some flakies.. and it sort of spiraled out of control from there.

A little Bettina Hot Pants for some shimmer.. Some extra glitter for the hell of it.. You know how it goes. Since I wasn't intending for this to really turn into anything, I didn't bother to write down measurements.. but I wish I had because it's awesome! Here's what I used:

  • Wet N Wild Kaleidoscope
  • Revlon Royal
  • Bettina Hot Pants
  • Venique Twinkling Snow
  • Finger Paints Flecked
  • Finger Paints Motley
Gratuitous bottle shot.
Overall, I really like it! I just wish the flakies showed up more, but hey.. You win some, you lose some. I decided to call it Infinity Pool because I'm honestly quite fascinated by infinity pools and this polish just seems to have such depth to it, even though it's still pretty much a jelly. 


  1. Love what it looks like on your nails, so pretty.

  2. Thank you, Dina! I wish more companies made polishes like this.. they're awesome and encompass a little bit of everything: glitter, shimmer, flakies, etc!

  3. VERY pretty! I recently made a blue one as well and did it as you did. Didnt pay attention to how much I was putting in. It came out wonderful but dont ask me to redo it....:)