Tuesday, June 12, 2012

NOTD -- Neon Skittles Mani Using Striping Tape

Hey everyone! Today I have my first striping tape mani EVER to show you! AND I LOVE IT! I've been hearing about how amazing striping tape is from numerous nail bloggers, and finally broke down and got some.

Mine came from a random seller on ebay.. 12 rolls of tape + shipping for only 99 cents? Yes, please! And shipping was pretty fast, considering that it came from China!

This mani was seriously so ridiculously simple to do, even though it looks complex! I painted all of my nails a different color and waited for them to dry, laid down tape, painted on black, peeled off the tape and... Tada! AWESOMENESS!

I think I *may* have been subconsciously inspired by the new swimsuit that I just bought. Hubby looked at my nails and went "Trying to match your suit already?" I was like "Ummm... No?" but I think he has a point:

Hooray for happy accidents?? :)

Colors used:
  • Urban Outfitters -- Hot Tub (pinky)
  • Zoya -- Paz (ring)
  • Color Club -- Almost Famous (middle)
  • Sinful Colors -- Irish Green (over white, index)
  • Sinful Colors -- Why Not (thumb)
  • Wet N Wild -- Ebony Loves Chris (black on all nails)


  1. This is so cute!! I love it!

  2. Cute! I am totally loving the striping mani's, lately. I have done several! 

  3. Love it! I got some nail art tape recently too and I've been obsessed with using it!

  4. BRUSH ON THE RAINBOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Makes me regret not picking up Sinful Colors -- Why Not. But this looks so awesome. I am happy I ordered some striping tape two days ago.

  6. I LOVE how freaking easy they are! But they look so complex. That's totally my type of nail art!

  7. You can always pick it up! I think it's a core collection color. I think you'll love your tape, though! Mine came pretty fast. Hopefully yours does as well! :D

  8. I am soo artistically challenged that I think this will be perfect for me!! (as in its so easy to do it). Thanks so much for showing us that!!