Tuesday, June 19, 2012

NOTD -- Euro Cup 2012 Nails.. GO ENGLAND! :)

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I actually had Sunday and Monday off, which was AWESOME! Bad news is that now I have to work 3 shifts in 48 hours, but.. I'll live. I just might be really, really cranky..

As soon as Chris saw how awesome my new Del Sol polish is, he asked me if I could do a color-changing English flag for the Euro Cup. See, all of his family is in England and he's a bit of a soccer fan.. and he's been OBSESSED with the Euro Cup since it's been on. He has the app that sends all the updates to his phone.. and the live wallpaper to go with it.. So I've pretty much heard nothing but "Euro Cup this.." and "England that.." And, yea. Basically when Hubby asks me to do nail art.. Hubby gets what Hubby wants. :)

So I gladly obliged him. I used my new fancy-shmancy striping tape to get nice, crisp lines for the flag.. and then I felt like something was missing, so I went in and did the EURO 2012 logo on one thumb and a soccer ball on the other with a small detail brush. My soccer ball needs some work, but I think it's pretty obvious what it is.. right?

I LOVE my Del Sol polish! It's so awesome that it's like "Boring white nails.." and then I go outside and "BAM! ENGLAND PRIDE!" I'm pleased to say that Hubby is thrilled with my nails and can't wait to show them off to his family!

For the record, England plays Ukraine today at 245 EST.. and if they win, they'll be in the quarter finals so cross your fingers for them! I don't want a devastated husband, lol!

Orly -- DayGlow (White)
Del Sol -- Ruby Slipper (Color Changing Silver Glitter/Red)
Wet N Wild -- Ebony Loves Chris (Black)

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