Friday, June 15, 2012

FRIDAY FAVORITES -- Crack Leave-In Hair Fix

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! I'm working a weird shift this morning (9a-2p).. normally I close on Friday nights, but I'll gladly accept a day shift! Sometimes it's nice to be able to leave and not have to deal with closing the store down, you know?

Anyways, today's Friday Favorite is a new hair care products that I'm literally obsessed with. Or.. should I say addicted to? Haha! It's called Crack and it's a leave-in treatment for your hair. Again, I have to credit the discovery of this to my bffl, Steph. Can you tell that she's been hooking me up with TONS of awesome stuff lately?! ♥ her SO much. Seriously.

You know that I've been working my way blonde.. well.. along the way I had a hair disaster that resulted in me getting bleached/dyed twice in two days, and my hair has been an absolute disaster ever since. Dry, brittle and fried.. and when it's wet it turns gummy and snaps. Ugh. Total nightmare.. Especially when I have to go to work and recommend hair products to people! On the plus side.. I'm now a total blonde! And I love it! Always look on the bright side, right?

Steph promised me that Crack would give me instant hair results, and I was initially skeptical.. but she let me try her tube and I was immediately blown away. Crack is a thick creme.. and you just squeeze a little out into your palm and emulsify it between your hands before working it into towel-dried hair. It smells like lemon and absorbs instantly, leaving no heavy residue behind.. but the results.. Omg.

Not only is it a thermal and UV protectant, it also protects against chlorine while it smooths, shines, and nourishes your hair thanks to the Acai extract and wheat and silk proteins. It makes my hair look and feel like my natural hair did BEFORE it got bleached!

Seriously.. I've told everyone I know about this damn product, and I'll keep singing its' praises for as long as I can!

If you're interested in buying some Crack (ahhh, I can't say that without cracking up!), you can get it for $19.95 on or get the exact same product for $10.94 + free shipping on Amazon. :)

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