Thursday, May 17, 2012

REVIEW -- Jason's Restorative Biotin Shampoo

Hey everyone! Today I have a review of Jason's Restorative Biotin Shampoo for you. I recently received this as a Klout perk and I can honestly say that it couldn't have come at a better time. I've been working my hair blonde and after 3 bleaching sessions in a month, my hair has been in desperate need of some pampering. Needless to say, I didn't waste any time putting this shampoo to the test!

Crappy quality pic of me as a blonde. :)
Jason has been a pioneer in providing natural products. Started in 1959, the company creates products  that are free of petrolatum, sodium laurel or laureth sulfates (SLS), parabens or phthalates.. and they never test on animals. 

Their Restorative Biotin Shampoo gently cleanses as it restores healthy strength to weak, damaged hair. The thickening properties of Biotin and Vitamin B5 revitalize hair's elasticity. Ginseng and lavender extracts help repair split ends and minimize future breakage. 

It comes in a 16fl oz bottle and retails between $6-10 USD. They have a store locator on their website, but you have to search by specific product. Apparently the Biotin Shampoo is sold in Krogers and Publixes in my area, which is pleasantly surprising. I love when all-natural/organic products are easily available!

After using this shampoo for a couple of weeks, my hair already feels LOTS better than it did. Before, my hair turned gummy when it got wet and I couldn't even comb through it without severe breakage. Now, my hair feels soft when wet, but it's not weak, gummy, and knotted like it was. Plus, I can comb through my hair with minimal to no breakage!

The shampoo has a thin consistency, but it lathers well and rinses away easily. I only need to wash my hair once for it to feel "clean" and I can actually get a second day out of my normally oily hair, which is always a plus. It has a very clean and appealing "lavender powder" scent that stays with my hair throughout most of the day. My hair doesn't hold scents from haircare products very well, so I think that's a plus.

Previously, I had been using Tigi's Oatmeal and Honey Shampoo, which was working to repair my hair.. but it didn't do nearly as good of a job as the Jason Restorative Biotin shampoo did.. and the Jason shampoo worked better in about half of the time!

I'm actually very pleasantly surprised with the Jason Restorative Biotin Shampoo! I expected it to be good, but not nearly as awesome as it is! This is definitely something that I will be purchasing with my own money once I finish this bottle.. and I'm actually thinking of picking up the matching Restorative Biotin Conditioner over the weekend to give it a try.

I'm also excited to see what other products I can try from Jason. They have an entire line of personal care products, and I saw some shower gels on their website that piqued my interest! I'm pleased to give the Restorative Biotin Shampoo a perfect score of 5 out of 5 stars!
RATING: 5 out of 5 STARS
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Have you tried any of the Jason products? Or any other all natural/organic products that you really love? Share your faves with me in the comments! :)

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  1. sounds like a great shampoo, congrats!


  2. I haven't tried my Klout sample of this yet but now I am really excited to! I was going to wait until I finished my current shampoo but I think you convinced me to use this instead :-)