Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Other Uses for Dry Shampoos...

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday! We all know that dry shampoos are awesome at reviving second (or third.. or fourth..) day hair, but I've also discovered some extra advantages that make them even more useful! 
  1. USE IT TO ADD VOLUME... Dry shampoos are awesome at creating extra thickness and fullness in your hair. Spritz some on your roots to give yourself a little extra lift, or spray the middle of your hair to add thickness to your ponytail when you pull your hair up.
  2. USE IT TO ADD TEXTURE... Spray your hair with dry shampoo before you tease to create a foundation in your hair that's more conducive to holding the teasing in longer. This works especially well if you have very fine or thin hair that doesn't hold teasing very well!
  3. USE IT TO PREP FOR CLIP-IN HAIR EXTENSIONS... Again, if you have fine or thin hair and find that clip-in extensions are too heavy for your hair.. or they just don't feel secure, prep the area that you will be clipping the extensions to (and the area immediately underneath) with some dry shampoo and then lightly tease the hair underneath the clip to add something else for the extension to grab onto. 
  4. USE A WATERLESS FOAM SHAMPOO TO SLICK BACK HAIR FOR UPDOS... Even though the Suave Waterless Foam Shampoo isn't technically "dry", it is considered an "in-between shampoos" hair refresher for curly hair. I've found that it's awesome to run through my hair before creating an updo. It provides the styling ease of using water with the holding effect of a medium hold hairspray when it dries.. BUT it has none of the stickiness or crunch factor of hairspray.
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And there you have it! Dry shampoos have become such a staple of my daily hair routine. I know that there are products specifically designed to do all of the things I've just told you, but if I can find a product I already have that will give me similar results.. it's one less thing on my vanity and one less thing I have to buy. Ladies, I count that as a win. :)

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