Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How to Love Your Hair -- Day 1: Care for Your Curls

As much as Taylor Swift gets on my nerves, I'd seriously kill for her hair.
Hey everyone! Today kicks off my How to Love Your Hair series! I'll be covering a variety of topics, and I'm going to start with curly hair. Fun fact: My hair is actually naturally curly! 

Curly-hair! Me and my friend Morgan.. this pic was taken the night before I got married! :)
Err.. well.. it was curly.. but it hasn't been the same since I had it chemically straightened back in January of 2011. BUT it's finally starting to be curly again! I'm so excited! So if you have curly hair.. here are some helpful pieces of advice:

  • Curly hair is naturally dry and thrives on moisture, which is why it's advantageous to use shampoos without sulfates, or try the "no-poo" method of eschewing shampoo altogether and just using conditioner.
  • Avoid using brushes and narrow-toothed combs, and instead opt for wide-toothed combs which cause less frizz and breakage.
  • The key to getting great curls is to set the curl pattern while your hair is damp. It's best to avoid completely combing through your hair. Instead set your part, then comb through as little hair as possible at the crown to have the hair lay as you want it.
  • Use a microfiber towel to dry your hair, but blot it dry instead of rubbing back and forth. This will cause less frizz! If you need your hair dried more quickly, use a blow dryer on a low/medium setting with a diffuser.
  • Also avoid touching your hair as much as possible.. this can separate your curls and lead to unwanted frizz.

Redken Ringlet 07 Curl Perfector moisturizes and revives curls with "dramatic" definition while controlling frizz and adding shine.

TIGI Catwalk Curlesque Amplifier enhances your natural texture while defining curls and streamlining waves. Its essential oils combined with thermal and environmental protectants nurture curls for the perfect radiant finish.

DevaCurl Set It Free provides 24 hours of moisture. This moisture lock spray eliminates frizz, adds shine, and enhances curls.

Fekkai Marine Summer Hair Beach Waves blends ocean botanical extracts, Australian sea kelp, and active cooling agents to create surf-sexy, tousled waves year round.

Ouidad Moisture Lock will define curls and make your hair shine.

Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray adds sexy, tousled waves and a light matte finish to any hair type. Infused with natural dead sea salt and sea kelp, this salon formula has you and your hair ready for the boardwalk all year long.

Suave Professionals Captivating Curls Whipped Mousse is an alcohol-free mousse that has an anti-frizz complex and helps define and hold natural curl patterns for 24 hour touchable curls that are never crunchy.

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What are your favorite products for curly hair? I swore by the Sunsilk Gel & Cream Twist, but Sunsilk products have been discontinued in the US.. and now they sell for like $30 a pop online. So I've been looking for my new "holy grail" curly hair products! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


  1. I use the alcohol free L'Oreal EverStyle mousse and hair spray-it's worked wonders! I also use the L'Oreal Eversleek shampoo and conditioner...I did "no-Poo" for a while, but wasn;t super impressed with it. Now that I'm using this, I was my hair about every other day and just rinse with water when I don't wash it. It seems to be working-my hair hasn't looked this good in years!

  2. I just started the curly girl method last week. I'm using Tresemme's natural shampoo and conditioner in my transition. The shampoo is low sulfate and the conditioner doesn't have cones. I tried the Eversleek line but that left my hair feeling coated and I found it that uses cones and sulfates.
    It's hard transitioning from straight hair to curly, especially the no brushing part!
    Whenever I'm about to give up and grab my flat iron I look at the before and after photos of other curly girls and that helps.
    I use an ACV rinse and that helps bring out my curls a lot! I follow with Argan oil to help the frizzies.

  3. I love the TIGI Catwalk Curlesque Amplifier, my hairdresser reccommended it for me a while ago. <3
    But now that the summer is here, im going to look for a sea salt spray.

  4. That's awesome! I've heard REALLY good things about the L'Oreal Ever___ lines and we sell a TON of them at work! I've been thinking about giving them a try.. so I might just have to take the plunge! :D

  5. I HIGHLY recommend the Not Your Mother's one. I've been using it and it's amazeballs and a fraction of the price of the salon ones! I've heard really good things about the TIGI Curlesque Amplifier. I might try that one when my sample size Redken Ringlet runs out! :)