Saturday, May 26, 2012

BIRCHBOX -- Hubby's First Man Box

Hey everyone! I'm back to share Hubby's first Man Box from Birchbox. We signed him up at the beginning of the month, and his box shipped on Thursday. It was scheduled to arrive on the 29th, so having it arrive in two days was an awesome surprise!

The man version of Birchbox works exactly like ours, but with a few differences. It's still sent monthly, but their boxes cost $20 instead of $10 and focus more on lifestyle and grooming products. At this time, they also don't have a yearly subscription option, but I believe that you can choose 3 month and 6 month options.

So now, onto the awesome stuff!

John Varvatos | Star U.S.A. -- A dapper scent combining ginger, juniper berries, and vetiver.

Anthony Logistics for Men | Shave Cream -- A protective shave cream packed with eucalyptus and peppermint. **Note: Chris ACTUALLY received a facial cleanser instead, not shave gel.**

K√©rastase Homme | Bain Capital Force Anti-Oiliness -- A vitamin-packed shampoo that keeps hair fresh and strong. **Note: Chris received a sample packet, instead of the deluxe sample bottle. Birchbox corrected the mistake on Thursday and already sent out the correct sized bottle.**

RumbaTime | VanDamGO Watch -- A digital sports watch that pays for your lunch. It uses a VITAnumber to combine digital cashless payments with secure ID. It's your credit cards, identification, and a performance watch all mounted on a handsome, silicone cuff-style band.

The watch is $35 by itself! It's definitely the highlight of the box by far, so I want to tell you more about it! Here's all the info via Birchbox:

Click to be taken to the watch on


Each watch has a unique VITAnumber that is linked to your identification, emergency contacts, and health information. If you sign up for Contactless Payment, you can also link your watch to your bank account and use it to pay for goods at thousands of US retailers.


Register your watch online and load it up with cash. Feel free to forget your wallet at home—just wave the watch at the point of sale to make purchases.

- - - - - * - - - - -

Tell me that watch isn't awesome! Hubby is totally impressed with his box and can't wait to show his watch off to his coworkers when he goes in tonight. :)

I know I haven't posted my Birchboxes on here in forever, but would you like to see me start back with a monthly "His & Hers" Birchbox segment? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. yes, please do a his & her birchbox, that'd be awesome. :) i kinda want to get that watch for myself. lol

  2. I KNOW! I want one for myself! lol

  3. I will! Mine just got mailed so it should be here soon! I KNOW! I WANT THAT WATCH SO BAD... but they don't have one small enough for me. :(