Monday, May 7, 2012

ADOPT-A-BRAND -- May 2012: Essence


Hey everyone! Happy Monday! My work has started a new initiative where each month, every associate "adopts" a different brand that we sell. During that month, we fill out a certificate of "adoption" for the brand, do research on it, and make it our focus by recommending it to customers and making sure that it is well-stocked. I thought this was a super cool idea (because I am a huge nerd) and I decided to start a monthly installment where I share the brands that I adopt with you!

The first brand I chose is essence. By now, we all know and love this discount European beauty brand but I feel like most people overlook it as simply "kid makeup" because of the packaging and price point.. and that's really such a shame. Their products are AWESOME!

If I had to pick a favorite product.. I couldn't. Their mini nail polishes come in a huge selection of colors and are only 99 cents! Their lip glosses and lipsticks are long-lasting, and come in tons of great colors. I use their mascara. I love their makeup brushes and eye liners... They literally have everything! But what is most astounding is their quality. These aren't just cheap products that offer subpar results.. the polishes actually last for days without chipping, and the lipsticks and glosses aren't drying or sticky!

I'm thrilled that I get to spend this month sharing how much I love essence products with everyone!

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Have you tried any essence products? If so, what are your favorites? :)

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