Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ralph Lauren's NEW Big Pony Women Fragrance Collection

Hey everyone! So, I have to admit that it's definitely been a while since I've been THIS excited about a fragrance line launching! I've loved the Ralph Lauren Big Pony Men collection for a while, and always wondered why there wasn't a matching Women collection.

Well.. HERE IT IS!!!

Like the Mens' collection, Big Pony Women consists of 4 scents.

Big Pony 1 is a sporty citrus, containing grapefruit and blue lotus. It is aimed at the fearless and confident woman.

Big Pony 2 is a sensual floral, containing cranberry and Tonka mousse. It is aimed at the seductive and spontaneous woman.

Big Pony 3 is the free-spirited fragrance, containing pear and mimosa. It is aimed at women who are rebellious and independent.

Big Pony 4 is the stylish fragrance, containing wild cherry and purple amber. It is aimed at the fearless and dynamic woman.

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Of the four, 2 and 3 are my favorites. Big Pony 2 is very sweet, and Big Pony 3 is a little more tart. I love pairing them together because the combination of the sweet and tart scents creates a truly unique scent. Big Pony 4 is my next favorite, and unfortunately Big Pony 1 does not do well on my skin at all. It still smells great in the bottle, though!

The Ralph Lauren Big Pony Women collection is currently available at Ulta and other fine retailers.

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