Monday, April 23, 2012

NOTD -- Max Factor Fantasy Fire over Revlon Royal

Hey everyone! Meet Max Factor Fantasy Fire.. aka, The Sexiest Polish I Own. When Fantasy Fire first came out and I realized how tiny it is and how ridiculously hard to find it was going to be, Clarins 230 dupe or not.. I just couldn't justify embarking on a potentially frivolous wild goose chase.

Thankfully I have amazing friends! My dear friend Bridget texted me one day and told me she left me a surprise package at my work. Inside was Fantasy Fire AND Cult Nails Scandalous! (Swatch coming soon!) I nearly fell over from shock..

Naturally I will hoard the hell out of my precious Fantasy Fire bottle, but I couldn't resist putting it over Revlon Royal, because a polish this beautiful deserves to be worn! Can I tell you how many times customers chewed me out at work after asking where they could get the polish and I had to tell them it was basically impossible? Haha, oops.. :X

Here's a pic of the color shift from red to gold/green:

Sexy, no? It's official.. I'm obsessed. I could NOT stop staring at my nails, and I know this will be in my top polishes of 2012!

- - - - - * - - - - -

Again, HUGE thanks go out to Bridget from Polish, Make-Up, and Cars, Oh My! for hooking me up with the most amazing polish everrrrrr! ♥


  1. Gorgeous mani, Mandy!! LOVE it!

  2. love them! would not be able to stop staring, too!

  3. Ahhh, this is unbelievably gorgeous! I have to get my hands on Fantasy Fire!

  4. Can I say that driving was nearly impossible?! lol :X

  5. Girl, GOOD LUCK! You're probably gonna need it! ♥

  6. That is an AWESOME friend. Can I steal her from you?