Monday, February 6, 2012

Purple Hair FAIL... :(

Not my hairs. I has a sad. :(
Hey everyone! Whew, I've had a day. About a month ago, I decided that I want -- nay, need-- purple hair. I was going to dye my whole head purple and it was going to be glorious. Unfortunately, my job did not approve. I need to have some sort of "natural" base to my hair for it to be work appropriate.

In the grand scheme of things, that's still pretty lenient.. so I decided to do black on top and purple on the bottom. I didn't want to bleach my hair, so I went with a semi-permanent purple over my natural brown. After grabbing some black semi-permanent dye, I grabbed my gloves and set to work. 

I ended up with a purple-ish tint, but it wasn't very noticeable. And then the purple bled into the black and it just looked... meh. I hated it. Thus, I decided to bleach and re-dye the purple, and redo the black.. but with permanent color this time.

After consulting with my amazing stylist (which is probably what I should have done in the first place, truth be told), we decided to do heavy foil "highlights" on the purple part, so that it would be more of a "multi-dimensional purple peekaboo" with the black on top.

Unfortunately, my hair didn't take the purple. After trying twice, my whole head looks black. It's not bad.. I actually look great with black hair, and I finally got my side bangs back.. which I'm really excited about.. But I'm bummed that my hair is not purple.

It's not my stylist's fault. She's amazingly sweet and talented and I adore her. I'm not mad. I just have REALLY stubborn hair. It's almost like it's too porous and it sucks up too much color? I don't know how else to explain it. Anyways, we're going to give it a couple of weeks and try again with different products.

Sorry about the whiny post. I'm just sad and I needed somewhere to vent. I tried venting to the hubby, but I don't think he really gets it. Seriously, though. It took 5 hours for me to get black hair. I has a sad. :(

However.. my day seems much better after polishing off two cupcakes. Funny how chocolate and sugar can put things into perspective for you. I'll be sure to post pics when I finally get what I want! It's gonna be amazing!


  1. It's okay! I tried bleaching my hair platinum and I have naturally black hair. I spent so much money and time trying to get it to the color I wanted and it never ended up completely the color I wanted. I ended up chopping a lot of my hair off after a while because it was just so messed up and dry and gummy feeling. So. Gross. Brown hair is difficult to color because of it's undertones, I believe, and your hair being so healthy helps as well. You'll get it eventually! Hope you feel better!

  2. oh my jesus, that is one inspiring look! i'm so sorry that you hair didn't come out like you wanted :(  

  3. sorry to hear it is not exactly what you wanted :-(

    and i dont understand why work tells you not to dye your entire hair purple o_O we live too early XD

  4. Apparently it was a misunderstanding.. I talked to my boss and she was totally fine with having the bottom half be completely highlighter purple. But now that it's time to fix it, I think my tastes have changed. Isn't that the way life goes? lol

  5. I know! One day I will have amazing, rainbow hair.

    I think now I've decided to just dye it all black and do heavy highlights of some color. Not sure what yet, though!

  6. I feel your pain - my hair is like that in relation to curls! for our wedding my stylist used a whole can of hair spray to get them to hold, and it only lasted through the vowes)) LOL

  7. What color is in your hair in the picture above?

  8. Exactly the same thing happened to me! I was so disappointed, tried and tried for purple several times, ruined my hair in the process and then at last, finally worked it out.. it was the "colour lock-in" shampoo and conditioner I was using. Turned purple into black everytime.

  9. I know the feeling tried doing the same thing, but all dark plum purple. My hair didn't get any kind of color, so I decided to bleach it, still the purple came out redish so I did a radical idea and I decided to do it a dark blue "purple". The stylist said it would work, mind you we had bleached it, double foiled it and still no purple. I had a weird bluish color purple redish color.. I was so sad!! So then I finally just gave up, dyed my here a "violet purple" still having some hope it would stick, nope the color went fr bluish to burgundy so I left it as is. My stylist said we didn't want to over process it, now after 2 weeks the burgundy has completely washed it's now a sort of blonde brownish color and well I've given up. Let me know what you did to finally get it purple!!!! Please email