Friday, February 24, 2012


The fortune cookie that started it all..

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! I hope you've all had a wonderful week! I missed you! Today is our first day back at home from Vegas. We packed so much stuff into three days that it didn't feel like a vacation, but we had a fantastic time and I wanted to share a few pictures from the trip with you!

There are several veterinary conferences across the country, and the one we went to was the Western Veterinary Conference. It's held in Vegas every year at Mandalay Bay! Since Since Chris is a Registered Vet Tech, he's required by the state board to undergo so many hours of "Continuing Education" per year to keep his license valid.. and the lectures at the conference count towards that CE. Plus you get to see all the newest products and meet cool people... and our trip was paid for by his work. Conferences are awesome. :)

We got forced into taking pictures in a photo booth at the conference.
New York New York.. We rode the roller coaster. It was AWESOME!
My "big win" on the slots. 
The MGM Lion. He's HUGE.
Fountain inside the MGM. It was in a secluded room.
Picture of the Rockies.
The MGM Lion at night. The lights behind him changed colors.
Fountains at the Bellagio. This was my favorite part of the trip!
The water cannons are SO loud! And those jets are taller than the building!
Inside the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace.
Fountain inside the Forum Shops.
We got to see Bear Grylls (host of Man Vs. Wild) speak as part of the conference. He's SUCH a cool guy!
Dinner at the Rainforest Cafe in MGM on our last night after seeing Bear speak. We were looking all cute and stuff. :)
Flying over the desert on the way home.
- - - - - * - - - - -

Have you ever been to Vegas? If so, I'd love to know what your favorite experience was! We're definitely going to head back in a year or so for another conference!


  1. We were stationed there! Next time see Penn & Teller! They're amazing!

  2. It looks like you had a great time! I've been to Vegas 2 times, my favorite part is just admiring the amazing architecture of the casinos and shops! I'd love to be able to actually buy something at one of the Forum Shops one day :-) And I LOVE the Bellagio fountains... I could watch them all night!

  3. YAY looks like you two had a great time!!  I've been to Vegas more times than I can count and have also gone for work a few times.  I love to party and let me tell you, Vegas has some of the craziest clubs ever.  If you have a chance, check out Tao Club at the Venetian.  It's a fab rooftop club that is beyond anything you've ever seen.  Also, you HAVE to go to Freemont Street for the night time light's awesome

  4. Me too! The Fountains were our favorite part of the trip. We only got to see three different songs, though. Apparently we missed out hardcore by not going into the Venetian, but I guess that's something to do next time we go! :D

  5. We wanted to go clubbing, but just didn't have time! We heard some girl on the monorail going "What is Tay-oh?" How can you be our age and NOT know what Tao is?! Like every celebrity ever throws sponsored parties there lol

    We really missed out by not going to the Venetian, but we've already got that on the list for next time!