Saturday, January 7, 2012

NOTD -- NOPI Kendall on the Katwalk

Hey everyone! Hope your weekend is going well! Today I have another NOTD for you.. This one is Nicole by OPI's Kendall on the Katwalk from the Kardashian Collection. It's blue, green and purple microglitter that can be built up to opacity on it's own, but I decided to take the easy way out and layer it over OPI's Swimsuit... Nailed It! from the Miss Universe Collection.. which is the bottle I'm holding in the picture above. :) (It's a cerulean blue foil!)

Both polishes are so gorgeous and amazing on their own.. but I really think they're just absolute perfection when you put them together! This is 1 coat of Swimsuit... Nailed It! and 1 coat of Kendall on the Katwalk. Look at all the sparkle!

:swoons: I'm in love! So in love that I actually picked up a backup bottle of Kendall on the Katwalk. Don't judge me! Haha!

The Kardashian and Miss Universe collections are currently available at Ulta, although the full Kardashian collection isn't available. I know Kim-pletely in Love is missing and maybe a couple of others? Those are still floating around at Wal-Mart, so if you're looking for them, check in the regular NOPI display. That's where I've found mine!

PS -- I'm finally caught up on all of my comments! I'd taken a break from replying during the holidays. Thanks for being patient with me! ♥


  1. I picked this up and put it back but it looks so good in swatches, I think I'm gonna have to get it :-)

  2. I bought this recently too, though it looks much better on your nails! :0 haha. also, i tagged you for an award in my recent blog if you want to do it:

  3. I know I'm a little late in commenting, but I love how you layered this color! It is truly stunning!

  4. Thanks so much! I was actually looking at KotK today.. It's gorgeous. I'm definitely going to have to wear it again soon! :D