Saturday, January 21, 2012

NOTD -- Nfu-Oh #61

Hey everyone! Today I have one of my biggest polish lemmings for you: Nfu Oh #61! I'd had the worst time tracking it down and then my dearest friend Steph surprised me with it. Y'all, I had a moment. I held it and stared at it for like 5 minutes straight. And I may or may not have hugged it. Twice. :ahem:

Aaaaannnyyyywho.. Nfu Oh 61. It's gorgeous. Linear silver holo.. is there anything better?! Application of it is so ridiculously tricky, though. I applied a coat of L.A. Colors Nail Strengthener (the blue one), then 2 coats of Nfu Oh 61, a coat of SV, and then another coat of #61.

The wear time on it was surprisingly awesome.. this picture was taken 4 days in and there's not even any tip wear! You can see a slight bubbling on the side of my ring finger.. that happened during playtime with Penny, but I was able to apply some SV under it and push the bubble back down.

I plan on getting back to regularly scheduled beauty posts next week, I promise. I've been in a little bit of a blogging funk and nail posts are the easiest for me to do when I'm feeling otherwise uninspired. :)


  1. Beautiful! Ahh. I have absolutely no holo nail polishes and I'm thinking of going out on an all out hunt for one myself. Lucky you, girl! 

  2. what a pretty one! i got a very small no name silver holo polish as a present and so hope to find out it is a dupe and i can get the original from somewhere (it is silver holo but mainly a slight hint of green and purple instead of rainbowish) any idea? *hopes*

  3. If you can take a picture of the bottle and email it to me at I might be able to identify it for you! :D

  4. I HIGHLY recommend Nfu Ohs or silver linear holos in general, because they showcase the rainbow the best. Good luck in finding some! ♥

  5. Christina WolthersJanuary 26, 2012 at 3:09 PM

    Hey love..I nominated you for a blog award