Wednesday, January 4, 2012

NOTD -- China Glaze Tinsel Town

Hey everyone! Today I have China Glaze Tinsel Town. I picked this one up at work during the after-Christmas clearance sale last week. $3 for ChG? YES, PLEASE! 

Tinsel Town is a great 'holiday' polish that doesn't scream "CHRISTMAS!" with big blinking neon lights. It has various-sized silver glitter in a dark, charcoal grey base. Formula-wise, it was pretty good. 2 easy coats gave me what you see above.

If you see this one lingering around in the clearance section, be sure to grab it! I think it'll be amazing for Halloween. :D

PS -- Chris got me a new camera for Christmas and I'm loving it! Do you think it takes better pics??


  1. NIce color, reminds me of a very starry night. I would wear it. Great pictures too. Thanks for the post.

  2. :-O  have to find this one somewhere! i'm impressed!

  3. Hopefully you can find it! It's amazing! ♥