Thursday, January 12, 2012


You may have seen this snarky little video making its way around the interwebs today... and I'm absolutely in love with it! Instead of bashing photo retouching, it takes a light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek approach to the beauty industry's worst kept secret.

Personally, I'm not a hater of retouched photos.. unless they're advertisements that are giving blatantly ridiculous results of what a product can deliver. (Yes, I'm looking right at you T-Swift and Covergirl..) I feel like in today's society, you have to be incredibly naive to believe that celebrities have perfect hair, eyes, teeth, and bodies.. and no pores on their skin. And there's no shortage of original/retouched photo comparisons available online.

And honestly, even though I've always been one to stare at magazine photos and analyze them.. I've never looked at a picture and been like "Oh, I feel like crap about myself now." I think I've always just seen it as art and nothing more. But maybe I'm in the minority.. Who knows?

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So what are your thoughts on Photoshop.. Unrealistic beauty standards? Or smart marketing? And what do you think of the video? I'm truly interested to hear your thoughts!


  1. I feel like every intelligent consumer knows that practically every celebrity and print ad are photoshopped. Do people really expect to look like the commercials? Anyways, that video is too funny! and SO true.

  2. lmfao, that video is hilarious...." my face feels like plastic!" I'm glad they can make light of it, though. I feel like most girls our age know the truth behind what you see in magazines & whatnot, but younger girls (who are at a super difficult age- trying to discover their identity and develop self respect and confidence) DON'T realize that what they see is fake. tHis is turn leads to 12 year old girls developing eating disorders or having low self esteem because they constantly compare themselves to unrealistic images :( Videos like this need to go viral so young girls can see the truth behind Hollywood and its little secrets :)

  3. Great comment. I agree.. really young girls are so impressionable. I kind of think that's why the magazines geared specifically towards them (J-14, BOP and TIger Beat, etc) use more "paparazzi" or "red carpet" pics when they showcase celebrities because those aren't as heavily photoshopped. Maybe not and they're just cheaper to buy.. but it's a valid theory, right??!

  4. I know. I've never once looked at a mascara commercial and expected my lashes to look like that after using the product. It's just plain unrealistic! But still, I think the industry needs to be held to some level of authenticity. Love the vid, though. It's totally hilarious! :D