Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Makeup Companies Supporting SOPA & PIPA

Generally, I try to keep my personal and political views off of MandysSecrets because I'm a firm believer in not discussing politics or religion, but when something happens that could threaten the very existence of my blog... I think it becomes appropriate to express my personal feelings.

By now, I'm sure everyone has heard of SOPA and PIPA. If not, they are anti-digital piracy bills being pushed through Congress right now. This video does an excellent job of explaining what it means for the internet if these bills are passed:

Sounds grim, doesn't it? But it's more than a world without Facebook that we're talking about here. Makeup companies have also started stepping up in support of these bills, and in doing so have effectively waged cyber-war on the very bloggers, vloggers, YouTubers, and consumers who buy, review and promote their products.

I don't know about you, but I personally refuse to buy any beauty product without first looking it up ONLINE to see swatches and reviews. I'm the most informed person at my work on when and where new products will be available because I blog and have access to this information. Imagine a world without the online beauty community: No Nouveau Cheap. No Scrangie. No LTHP, MakeupbyTiffanyD, or Elle and Blair Fowler.. THAT's what will happen if SOPA and PIPA are passed.

Now.. which makeup companies are supporting these bills?

(COTY makes Rimmel, Sally Hansen, OPI, essie, etc)
(L'Oreal makes Lancome, etc)

I'm not even going to mince words here. SHAME ON THEM. These bills don't even have anything to do with their companies and they support it. Klaire de Lys has proposed a "Bloggers and Consumers Against SOPA Movement". If you oppose these bills, please consider taking any or all of the following actions:
  1. UNFOLLOW the companies mentioned above on Twitter and Facebook and tell them why you are unfollowing.
  2. WRITE a blog post on this topic to raise awareness. Also name (and shame!) the companies mentioned above.
  3. BOYCOTT the brands. Don't blog about them (except to shame them) and don't buy their products.
  4. SIGN the petition linked below and help stop these acts from being passed.
Voting on SOPA and PIPA is scheduled for January 24, 2012. 

Click HERE to sign the petition.

Click HERE to see the full list of companies supporting SOPA and PIPA.

Under SOPA, you could get 5 years in jail for uploading a Michael Jackson song. 
That sentence is one year longer than the man who killed him will serve.


  1. A big thanks for this terrific information. I was about to purchase products from some of these companies and will now pass. 

  2. I awarded you with a blog award!

  3. This is a bit taking the piss... Why would they send free products for the youtubers and bloggers to review and now they want to take down their videos for talking about these same products ??? It's just simply stupid.
    Thanks for this blog post !

    xxx Vee

  4. Thanks for your comment! I know. I think it was a really stupid move on their part. SO glad that voting on SOPA/PIPA has been postponed indefinitely!

  5. You're welcome! I don't think they thought their decision to support that bill through very well. Glad voting on it has been indefinitely postponed!