Friday, January 6, 2012


Hey everyone! Happy Friday! Today's Friday Favorite is Very Mary Kate! It's a webisode series based on the fictional goings-on of Mary Kate Olsen (played and created by the hilarious Elaine Carroll), her sister Ashley, her hunky Bodyguard and other assorted friends (Fat Professor, Jewish-Looking Girl). Each episode is between 1-2 minutes long, and practically every line ends in a joke.

VMK and I have so much in common.. she loves coffee, is essentially a helpless and overgrown 5 year old, and she's always cold. Chris can relate to Bodyguard. In fact, watching any VMK episode is like looking into our marriage, just with a lot less prescription drugs.

The new season has just started back, and here's my favorite so far:


Now.. can anyone get me a blanket? It's really brrr here under all these blankets... :P

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