Tuesday, December 6, 2011

REVIEW -- Ulta Holiday Glitter Liners

Hey everyone! Today I have a quick review of the Ulta Holiday Glitter Liners for you. These don't need much of an intro, so let's get started with the review!

Some variation of these come around every year for the Ulta holiday 5 for $5 sale. The key being that you have to buy 5 items, otherwise you'll pay regular price. (Regular price on these is $7 a piece.) However, there are a plethora of items in the 5 for $5 section to choose from: bath wash/soaps/loofas, lip glosses and balms, lotions, nail care implements, nail polishes, etc..

And think about it, you could even buy 5 liners for $5. THAT is an amazing deal!

In-store you have four colors to pick from: Topaz, Black, Teal and Purple. Online you can choose Silver instead of Purple... but they aren't 5 for $5.

From L-R: Topaz, Black, Teal, Purple

I'm not a huge fan of kohl liners because I prefer to use liquid liner on my top lid and use shadow on my bottom lash line. However, at a dollar a piece I figured I could definitely give these a try. I have to admit, they pleasantly surprised me! The liners work very nicely on my bottom lash line.

They're smooth, pigmented and very blendable.. and I like the subtle sparkle that the glitter in the liner adds.

From Top to Bottom: Black, Topaz, Teal and Purple
But if we're being completely honest, I have to admit that I was a bit wary of the glitter because it can irritate my eyes so badly. However, the glitter in these is very fine and hasn't irritated my eyes at all..  that's a huge plus for me!

Here's a picture of the Black and Topaz liners in action on my Gold/Bronze Smokey EOTD. I faded them into each other on my bottom lash line.

I really love these liners! A full size $7 liner for only $1? Count me in! I wish they had more colors available.. or that I could find the silver one for $1. I'll be honest and admit that I've bought 3 sets of them for myself because I've been using them daily since I bought my first set!

I love the quality of the liners and how pigmented and blendable they are. I also appreciate that they last all day and that the glitter in them doesn't irritate my eyes. (For the record, I wear contacts.)

I'm giving these a perfect score! If you have a chance to run by Ulta.. be sure to grab some! They'd make a perfect stocking stuffer or Christmas gifts for friends.. or maybe even a little special treat for yourself!
RATING 5 out of 5 STARS


  1. These are pretty! Your eye makeup is stunning!

  2. They're so nice!! I agree your eye make up is stunning and you also have beautiful eyes!

  3. Yes! Check either around the registers or in the middle of the store.. They'll have a big 5 for $5 sign up! :D

  4. Thanks, love! Definitely get some for yourself! Even the colored ones (teal and purple) aren't too intimidating to wear and they'll all look fantastic with your brown eyes! ♥