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REVIEW -- AirCraft ScentSticks: "Craft Your Air"

Source: AIRCRAFT website.

Hey everyone! Today I have a non-beauty related review for you.. but this is a very cool product that I thought y'all would enjoy: AIRCRAFT Infused ScentSticks.

As you know, I love practically anything with a fragrance: candles, potpourri, air fresheners, perfume, etc.. so I was very excited several months ago when one of my dear friends needed people to test out her company's new product. "Sign me up!" I gamely proclaimed. Within 24 hours, I had a big box of tons of different smelly sticks and a packet of instructions sitting on my front doorstep. Talk about quick turn around! (My girl knows obviously how to get the job done. ♥)

Chris and I spent that night smelling and rating all 12 scents.. and it was actually a lot of fun. Even better: they all smelled amazing. After we put them through the 30-day home test, we sent off the results. Recently, my friend needed some more volunteers and I stepped up to the plate again. What can I say? Blogging has turned me into the ultimate guinea pig. ;)

This time, we received a full-size set of sticks, complete with an accompanying holder.. and I thought it would be a great opportunity to share my thoughts on them with you.

AIRCRAFT ScentSticks are a completely new way to incorporate fragrance into your home. They are infused with pure fragrances and are completely safe (and cleaner!) than most traditional fragrances with no plugs, flames to watch, or oils to spill.

Another thing I really appreciate from them is that they are green: the sticks are completely biodegradable and made of natural fibers from sustainable resources, and they also have recyclable packaging.

But while all that sounds good.. the best part is the sticks themselves! You can choose from 14 scents to match your decor that range from clean, aqua, fruit/citrus to spice, floral, and musk. Even better than that, they are completely customizable. You can combine 2 sticks of 1 scent and 1 stick from another to make a concoction that is entirely yours! Or, mix it up and do 4 sticks.. having each one be a different scent!

The sticks come in single-scent packs of 5 for $9.99, and you can add a vase (pictured above) for $4.99. They last for a minimum of 30 days and 3 sticks are sufficient for a small room, while 5 is suggested for larger rooms. But you can add and remove sticks at your preference to get the perfect scent strength you desire.

Source: AIRCRAFT website.
The initial test Chris and I did was to combine scents together and stick them in as many rooms of our home as we wanted and to monitor the level of fragrance they gave off once a week for a month. We were given smaller "sample size" sticks and even they lasted much longer than the average 30 days.

We definitely had our favorite scents and combos. Sunrise Citrus was the strongest of the bunch by far. We put it in the kitchen and could smell it all over the house.. but that was fine because it was such a light, zesty and energizing scent!

Our favorite overall combo was Amber Spice and Deep Woods. That's what we had in our bedroom and it was perfect: masculine, musky and spicy. Made it seem like Chris was still there on nights when he was at work. 

Another great combo: Water Clover and Crisp Apple. We had that in the guest bathroom and it was always nice when we walked in. Very light and not overly sweet. Plus, the Water Clover adds such a unique touch to the smell. It literally smells like a lush, fresh spring or a hidden lagoon. It's.. awesome.

My favorite single scent was Night Orchid. It smells so luxurious and sensual. Unfortunately, I can't remember Chris' favorite single scent and he's not around for me to ask. Knowing him, it was probably the True Vanilla or Sheer Lavender, because he loves both of those smells.

As I said above, this time we received 5 full-sized sticks in French Linen and a vase (which we did not receive last time) and I have to say that the vase makes a LOT of difference. It allows the entire stick to get open airflow versus having it in something constrictive, and gives you a much better fragrance output.

As for the French Linen scent itself.. it's perfumed without being overstated and reminds me of expensive, freshly laundered linen on a bed in a chateau with open windows and sun-streaming in. It's very sumptuous, calming and relaxing. Chris said it makes him think of springtime and want to flop open-armed backwards onto the bed. He also told me not to tell you that. ...Oops.

I really love the concept of the AIRCRAFT ScentSticks. I love that they're customizable, safe, non-messy and green. And I think the website is really fun, too because it not only tells you what scents pair well together, but lets you explore and customize your own scent options! Seriously.. try it out!

If this tells you anything, this is what happened when Chris brought the second box in the other day:

ME: "Yea. We got some more to try."
CHRIS: "YES!" :fist pump:

Obviously my hubby takes his home fragrance as seriously as I do.. haha! And he also likes getting stuff for free. Clearly that's a marriage built to last, folks. :)

You can use the store locator to see where to buy them, or even just pick some up from their site!

In fact, if you order online, you can use the promo code 25FRIENDS to receive 25% off of your entire purchase!

Given my experiences with the ScentSticks, and the fact that there's not one scent I don't like.. I'm VERY pleased to give these a perfect rating!
RATING: 5 out of 5 STARS
 - - - - - * - - - - -

I can't wait to use the 25% off promo code to stock up on Deep Woods, Amber Spice, Night Orchid, True Vanilla and Toasted Cinnamon!

Also.. I just want to let you know that even though I did receive these products for free, I wasn't asked to share them with you.. I decided to do it on my own because they are seriously so amazing that I think everyone should know about them!

Have you ever seen AIRCRAFT ScentSticks in stores? If so, be sure to check them out! And if you try them.. I'd love it if you let me know what you think!

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