Saturday, December 10, 2011

NAIL ART -- Holiday Half Moons

Hi everyone! As I told you the other day when I showed you my Designer... De Better! NOTD, I knew I couldn't leave it alone. So I added some quick and easy half moons!

I used hole reinforcers and applied 1 coat of Rimmel Fever, then waited for that to dry and free handed ChG Ruby Pumps over the top of it. I used a detail brush and acetone to fix any stray lines where the reinforcers hadn't completely adhered to my nail.. then I finished up with another coat of SV.

Honestly.. I love these! They were so quick and simple and they look perfect for the holidays! I'm actually going to wear them to Chris' holiday office party next Wednesday. :)

Also.. my holiday giveaway is closed and I've notified the winners! I'll reveal them as soon as they reply! :)

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