Thursday, November 17, 2011

REVIEW -- Nad's Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper (Pic Heavy!)

Hey everyone! Today I'm back with another review for you. This one is on the Nad's Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper. Alright, so I'll be the first to admit that I let my brows get out of control. I used to always get them done at the nail salon I went to, but I haven't been back since I took my acrylics off at the beginning of August. Sometime around late September/early October I did a quick maintenance session.. but let's be honest: It's now the middle of November. Things had clearly gotten out of hand.

I was in desperate need of a shaping and overall brow overhaul. (Try saying that 5 times fast!) So I was really excited when I was sent the Nad's Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper to review...

The Nad's Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper (henceforth referred to as either Nad's or Eyebrow Shaper) is hypoallergenic and comes in a 6g wand with 4 cleansing wipes, 10 backing strips, and instructions. It retails for around $8 and is widely available at places like Target, drug stores and Ulta.

The area where the product comes out is in the middle of the tip, not actually on the tip...

The package says:
Simple and effective to use on eyebrows, chin and upper lip. Nad's Eyebrow Shaper contains the original Nad's Natural Hair Removal Gel, which requires no heating and easily washes away with water. If you made a mistake when applying gel, simply wash away with warm water, dry, and start over. Detailed instructions for use inside. 
And then it has a handy little diagram, which is essentially the same one on the instructions inside the box. The full instructions are lengthy and I'd rather just let you watch the short video on how to use the product instead:

Seems easy enough, right? But how well did it work? Read on to find out!

The product comes out easily in a thin line and is very manageable. I didn't have to rinse it off with water or start over, so I don't know how easily it comes off, but I can say that it leaves no residue behind once you pull the strip off, which I liked.

I took plenty of before and after shots, but I forgot to take pictures of me actually using the product because Chris was hanging out in the bathroom with me and we were talking. However, I did try to make up for it by taking some pictures on my arm...

One swipe of the wand.
You can see that one swipe of the wand delivers a precise, neat line of wax that doesn't run or drip. The wax doesn't quite glide on, there is a small amount of tugging involved as it grips your skin.. but it's not painful or uncomfortable.

After applying the cloth strip.
The cloth strips are a very convenient size for any area of your face. They're not too big or too small, and the wax doesn't seep through the cloth.

After ripping the strip off.
I know, I know.. I'm sorry.. but I did want you to see that it really DOES remove hair. And it's just arm hair, I promise!

Okay. So here are the before and after pictures I took. I washed my face and then used the cleansing wipes on my brows and the surrounding eye area...

This picture makes me cringe.. Seriously.. lol.


Sorry, I didn't realize this one was blurry and I only took one pic.



The Nad's Facial Wand worked very well for me! I love that the product is all-natural, quick, non-messy, and delivers great results! I'm also very impressed by the no-mess applicator.. There's no struggling with wax strips or even worse.. having to heat up wax and try to spread it with a wooden stick. Ugh.

Another thing I appreciate about this product is that you can wash it off with water if you make a mistake.. that's vital, especially if you're using it to do your brows! You can never be too careful!

Finally, the price and availability of the Facial Wand is also something I really like. I've paid up to $20 + tip for ONE brow wax before, so being able to quickly and easily do it by myself at my own convenience  MULTIPLE times over for only $8 is a HUGE plus in my book!

The only thing I can say I'd want to change is increasing the amount of cloth strips and cleaning wipes included in the kit. You get a good amount of wax, but not nearly enough strips or wipes for all the uses you would get out of the wand.. so you would either have to try to wash out the strips and use alcohol after your wipes run out, or buy more from another brand.

I'm thrilled to give the Nad's Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars (only marking off for the low amount of strips and wipes), and I know that it's something I'll definitely purchase for myself. I'm sure I'll still get my brows done professionally from time to time just to make sure they stay perfectly shaped, but for overall maintenance, I'll be using this little gem from now on!
RATING: 4.5 out of 5 STARS

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Have you ever tried the Nad's Facial Wand? If you're someone who always gets their brows professionally done, would you be willing to give it a try? Either way, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. I hate doing my eyebrows it hurts so much to use tweezers. So I was excited to use this product but it doesn't work for me. I did everything like it said but it didn't work. The wax did seep through the cloth and didn't remove any hair.