Saturday, November 19, 2011

REVIEW -- ELF Liquid Eye Liner

Hey everyone! I'm back with a review of ELF's Liquid Liner. My tried & true favorite, Maybelline's Line Stiletto, has dried up so I decided to try a new (and less expensive) option. It's no secret that I'm absolutely in love with ELF products, so their liquid liner seemed like the most natural choice.

Keep reading to see how it fairs!

Elf's Liquid Liner comes in 12 colors. It contains 5 ml of product and retails for $1. The full range of colors is available on their site, but you can get a few of the colors in Target.

The handle is long and fits nicely in my hand. The applicator is a fine tip that's tapered and slightly long, but it's easy to use.. not too bendable, not too firm. I like it.

The liner is supposed to be long wearing and smudge-proof and has a safe, gentle formula.

First, I wanted to compare how ELF's Liquid Liner compares to my other favorite liners. Observe:

As you can see, it's very black and leaves a nice, clean line. Speaking of the line.. let's look at how it compares to Maybelline's Line Stiletto when I use it on my eye...

Maybelline Line Stiletto. From my Halloween Inspired FOTD.
ELF Liquid Liner.
See how much smoother the ELF Liquid Liner is? It looks SO much nicer! And application is such a breeze! It's very easy to get a uniform line, and I can get a much thinner line than I could with the Maybelline Line Stiletto. I also find it easier to control the thickness of the line.. and I'd even say that my application time has almost been cut in half because the formula is so wet and pigmented. I don't have to keep going over the same area repeatedly, like I did with the Maybelline.

Overall, I really love this product! The price is great, and I love how much easier it is to use and how much smoother the line is than other liquid liners that I've tried. The wearability of the liner is great as well, once it dries it's set for the entire day.. and there are even waterproof versions available if you need them.

12 colors is also a great selection of shades. Most liquid liners only come in a few colors.

ELF has consistently impressed me with its level of quality. I'm pleased to give these a perfect score of 5 out of 5 stars!
RATING: 5 out of 5 STARS
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Have you ever tried ELF's Liquid Liner? If so, I'd love to know your thoughts on it.. or just your favorite liquid liner in general!


  1. I love E.L.F eyeliner! I couldn't get a liquid eyeliner to look nice until i discovered it! It last for a long time as well. mark. eyeliner is the same, very smooth application. &they have tons of colors! :)

  2. I know! I can't wait to order more colors from the website! I've been raving about these to EVERYONE!

  3. interesting! they must have changed the tip or maybe i'm just an idiot. either way, i remember the tip being a hard felt tip and not bendable at all. nice!

  4. They probably did if a lot of people complained about it! I hate tips that have no give to them. They make it so hard to apply! :\

  5. I love this stuff. I like it better than revlon color stay liquid liner. This is the best bargain ever. I always buy 2 or three at a time.