Saturday, December 3, 2011

BLOG AWARD -- Versatile Blogger (x2!)

Hey everyone! Whew! First, can I just say that I am SO thrilled to have completed the 31 Day Challenge?! It prompted me to try a lot of things I never thought I could do... (water marbling, I'm looking at you!) but it was an enjoyable experience overall. :)

I recently received the Versatile Blogger Award for the second time! This one came from the wonderful mother & daughter team of Melissa and Amanda over at MaD Manis. Their blog is so great and Amanda actually completed the 31 Day Challenge along side me, so be sure to go take a peek at her work!

The rules for this award state that you must share 7 things about yourself and then pass the award on to 15 bloggers. So.. here we go!

1.     I am obsessed with Bath & Body Work PocketBacs. I think I have about 30 of them stocked up. Especially the limited edition holiday scents? Yea, I buy like 5 of each one that I really like. I mean.. they're only a dollar, right?! And plus.. I keep PocketBacs on EVERYTHING. There's one on every purse, and one on my wristlet/wallet. So.. I think it's kind of justified. Kind of.
2.     I'm also obsessed with candles. Chris and I burn through a big one in less than 2 weeks. If we're awake, there's usually a candle burning somewhere. And, sometimes I think less expensive candles burn better than the more expensive ones..? Does anyone else feel that way?
3.     I have absolutely NO poker face whatsoever. Whatever I'm thinking is all right there for you to see. It's not so great when I'm at work and I give a customer my patented "You're a stupid f---." look. :\
4.   I love making "double hot chocolate supreme" for myself during the winter. It's what Chris affectionately calls my sugar-high concoction that makes me feel better when I need some cheering up. 2 packets of Swiss Miss hot chocolate, a lot of marshmallows and sprinkles. Yummmm.
Bet you can't tell me that doesn't look amazing! :)
5.    Waluigi is my MAN. Every time we play something Mario related, without fail.. I am ALWAYS Waluigi. I can't explain it. He's just awesome.
Yeaaaaa. Waluigi RULES!
6.      If my polish chips, I immediately start trying to pick the whole nail off. It's SUCH a horrible habit, but I can't stop doing it.
7.      I loooooooove buying gifts for people. I get so excited buying things for them that I think they'll like... That's one reason why I love Christmas so much!

And now.. to pass the award on!

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- - - - - * - - - - -

Have you checked these lovely ladies out?! If not, stop by and visit. They're fab and I adore every single one of them! Thanks again to Amanda and Melissa!


  1. I have no poker face either. No matter how hard I try, my feelings always show on my face, smh.

  2. Haha! I loved this. Waaaluigi, I'mma gonna wiiiin!

  3. Christina WolthersDecember 3, 2011 at 2:47 PM

    Thanks for the nomination lady!!!  It's funny, I ALWAYS use Yoshi in anything Mario related.  However, Allan is always Waluigi....


  4. I'm really sad that y'all live so far away! I KNOW we'd all get along so well together! :(

  5. BAHAHAHAHA! I read this at work and burst out laughing. Then of course, I had to say "I'MMA GONNA WIIIIINNN!!!" in his voice for no reason. People thought I was crazy! :D