Tuesday, November 22, 2011

31 DAY CHALLENGE -- Day 22: Inspired by a Song

Hey everyone! Sorry this post is so late.. I decided to wait and do today's mani after I got done with truck this morning and then I just... procrastinated, haha. Today is Day 22 of the challenge is INSPIRED BY A SONG NAILS. I'm going to start doing things differently and show you what inspired me first before I show you the nail art... I also feel like these "Inspired By" posts will be more chatty because I clearly like these things and want to share them with you. :)

It's no secret that I love Hanson. I've posted about them as a Friday Favorite in the past.. so when it came time to do my "Inspired by a Song" nails.. I knew they were the obvious choice. I decided to go with their newest album, which is called SHOUT IT OUT. Coincidentally, there's a song on the album by the same name.

I used the album cover as my inspiration, and then did their logo on my pinky. If you look closely, you can see that their logo actually contains all the letters in Hanson:

Here's a video of Hanson talking about the making of the Shout It Out album for Billboard.com:

And here's the video for their song Give a Little, which uses the designs featured on my nails:

I used Color Club Almost Famous (yellow), Rimmel Fever (red), Ulta Blue Streak and Sinful Colors Snow Me White.

Also.. look what I got at work today... I love it so much!


  1. I have that bumper sticker on my car! My friend works at Trade Secret, and happened to be going through their shipment of OPI when I was there. There was only once sticker in there, I was hopping up and down like a crazy when she gave it to me! lol

  2. YES! We only got one and it was just chilling in the break room. Thankfully everyone at work knows I'm the polish fiend so it was like a no brainer that I would get it! :)

  3. your hanson shout it out nails are amazing!!!! =]

  4. OMG this is so super! Love It. I Love Hanson too :)