Tuesday, November 15, 2011

31 DAY CHALLENGE -- Day 16: Tribal Nails

Hey everyone! Today is Day 16 of the challenge.. and honestly one of the days that I was dreading the most: TRIBAL NAILS. Just the thought of it made my eyes cross and my neck spasm, dreading how much time I was going to spend hunched over my nails.

And then I wasn't even sure what I wanted to do? I feel like tribal nails are so.. meh. Unless you do like some cool Aboriginal or Native American symbols.. which I ended up not doing. I had a hard time finding out what different Native American symbols meant, and I didn't want to put anything on my nails without knowing the meaning of it. You know?

Then I was like, "Well, maybe I should be a smart ass and do some stupid tribal tattoo design across my nails. Haha." And then I realized that I'd want to punch myself in the face if I actually went through with that..

So I googled tribal nails and searched through pictures until I found something that inspired me. Behold:

It's a WAH Nails design that was redone by Sakura Nail and Spa and I liked them for two reasons:
  1.  The color combo caught my eyes.
  2. There isn't tribal print on every nail.
    • This not only saved me tons of time, but I also prefer the look because it gives your eyes a break.
I'm sad that my picture really doesn't do them justice. They looked really good from a distance! Now for colors used:
  • Rimmel -- Tequila Sunrise
  • Ulta -- Blue Streak
  • Ulta -- Razzberry
  • Sinful Colors -- Snow Me White
  • Sinful Colors -- Black on Black
- - - - - * - - - - -

All in all, these weren't nearly as bad as I expected. I bought some new detailing brushes from Michaels that helped so much. They just... took forever and I honestly gave up after I did the 2 nails I needed for my picture. I feel like these would be a great project to reattempt when I have a LOT of time and a very steady left hand. :D


  1. I really like the color combination! =)

  2. Thanks! I do too! It's what drew me to them in the first place! :D

  3. amazing! I just started following your  blog :)