Tuesday, November 15, 2011

31 DAY CHALLENGE -- Day 15: Delicate Print

Hey everyone! Today is Day 15 of the challenge, so I'm officially halfway through! Woohoo! This has been much easier than I anticipated, but the challenging prompts are still ahead. This theme is DELICATE PRINT NAILS.. which is kind of like the vaguest theme ever. I've been thinking long and hard about ideas for this one.

Eventually I decided to pick some pastels and do a skittles theme of polka dots and stripes.. it seemed delicate and girly enough. I used Sinful Colors' Starfish (pink), Verbena (purple), and Snow Me White and then I added a rhinestone bow for good measure. I should have let my ring finger dry a little more before I applied the rhinestones because the polish kind of got smudged around... but you live and learn, I suppose!

You can see that I got impatient while dotting my ring finger.. I took a lot more time with my pinky and it clearly shows. But I'm only wearing it for a day so it's okay.

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