Monday, October 31, 2011


Hey everyone! I hadn't intended to post twice today (you can check out my Halloween FOTD here!).. but when Chris checked the mail there was a box from the wonderful Maria over at Cult Nails and I was so excited I knew I'd be posting again... because UNICORN PUKE IS HERE!!! BEST. HALLOWEEN. PRESENT. EVERRRRR!!! :D

Unicorn Puke is a limited edition polish.. Only 275 bottles of it were made and it sold out super fast. Last week, Maria asked who didn't get to purchase a bottle of UP on Twitter and I replied that I didn't because we were between pay periods when it was released... and she surprised me with a bottle! I was so shocked and excited! Chris was like "Well, I'd ask you if you're happy, but you won't stop bouncing up and down.." haha!

Needless to say, I've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my precious Puke. And now it's here! Let's all take a moment to bask in its beauty and gloriousness (yes, I totally just made that word up):

Cult Nails polishes come packed in cotton balls as part of their sustainability efforts.. which is great because I was running low on them!

My bottle is 176 out of 275.
Look at all the flakies! :drools:
Without a doubt the best bottle shot I've EVER taken. ♥
I was actually so excited to try out Unicorn Puke that I couldn't even wait to take my current polish off before I swatched Puke.. so I ended up layering it over Ulta's Envy...

Envy before Unicorn Puke.. gorgeous on it's own.
Envy after Unicorn Puke... AMAZING. Look at those flakies! This is only 1 coat of Puke! :swoons:
I actually rather like Puke over Envy.. the flakies against the green background remind of of lights on a Christmas tree. And yes, I know it's entirely too early for Christmas talk, but we did have our holiday meeting at work last night so I have a little residual holiday cheer.

And finally.. here's UP over Color Club's Pucci-licious. Pucci-licious really helps to bring out the "blurple" in Puke.

It. Is. SO. Amazing. I just don't have words. :sigh:

- - - - - * - - - - -

If you've fallen in love with Unicorn Puke and are bummed that it's limited edition, don't fret! The only thing unique about Puke is the name! The exact same formula will be re-released with the Cult Nails' Winter Collection under the name Clairvoyant sometime in November! So keep your eyes on the Cult Nails FB page, website and blog for the release date!

Cult Nails polishes are B4 Free, not tested on animals and completely vegan friendly. The company also has a very strong green/sustainability initiative which I love.

Many thanks go out to Maria and Cult Nails for making my dreams of owning Unicorn Puke come true! You can bet I'll also be ordering a backup bottle (or 2!) of Clairvoyant when it comes out!


  1. Lady, this is a gorgeous color!!!! Man, I love everything that's sparkly.....xo

  2. What a fun shade, thanks for the links! My sister might like this.:D

    ***** Marie *****
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  3. I KNOW! You *need* Clairvoyant when it comes out. When I painted my nails with UP I was like "HOLY SEX, MY NAILS LOOK AMAZING!" and Chris just burst out laughing. Haha!

  4. Beautiful polish! I just can't get enough!

  5. No problem! Clairvoyant should be coming out soon.. it'd make a great Christmas gift! :)