Sunday, October 16, 2011

NOTD -- Zoya's Shay

I originally did a swatch of Zoya's Shay back in August, but it was so awful that I've deleted the entire post and decided to start over. So here's take two!

Shay is part of the Touch collection and is an opaque peach with slightly warmer undertones and the subtlest hint of shimmer. Even though I lean more towards cool undertones, out of the three polishes in the collection.. this is the closest I get to "mannequin hands."

I'm not a huge fan of nude polishes.. especially now that I have to wear solid black or white to work (I like color.. sue me!) but every once in a while, they're a nice change.

Shay is opaque in 2 coats, and like with all Zoya polishes.. the formula is so amazing.

And yay for my nails! They're finally starting to grow out! The ridges are getting less obvious and my nails are finally at my fingertips without breaking! This is progress, people! I swear.. I'm never getting acrylics again.

- - - - - * - - - - -

What do you think of my NOTD posts? I like doing them, but I'm always so self-conscious about my nails. They're not pretty like actual nail bloggers' are and I feel like my pictures always look weird because I can never figure out how to hold my hands. But if you like them, I'll do more of them. Let me know!

(And yes, you can be totally honest. My feelings won't get hurt!)

And now for SUPER exciting news... I won a pair of tickets to see The Gym Class Heroes in concert tonight.. and I GET TO MEET THEM AFTER THE SHOW!!! OMG!!! I'm so excited! 

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