Wednesday, October 26, 2011

NOTD -- Orly's 'Fowl Play'

Hey everyone! Today I have Orly's Fowl Play to show you. It's the dupe to OPI's Merry Midnight, which I never picked up.. it came out before I began seriously collecting polish. And even I'd been on the fence about snagging Fowl Play, but all my polish blogging buddies convinced me it was worth it and that I'd kick myself if I didn't.. so I bought the last bottle from my Ulta.

In retrospect, I'm glad I did. Fowl Play is a gorgeous deep berry-ish purple jelly packed with silver microglitter and irregular shaped flakies. It is worth noting that this is my first flakie polish... ever!

Gratuitous bottle shot! See the gold-to-green color shift near the bottom? :swoon:
It's really pretty, but man.. if I'm gonna be honest.. application was a bitch. Plain and simple. Maybe I just got a dud bottle? I don't know. First coat refused to adhere to my basecoat, leaving HUGE unpolished sections on my nails. Second coat started covering bald spots, but gooped up at the free edge of my nails. Third coat finally started to make everything look presentable and I did a fourth coat just to be sure.

Drying time was good, and the polish stayed exactly where I put it besides the application issues I just told you about. So I still like it.. just don't understand why it had to be so difficult!

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