Monday, October 24, 2011

NOTD -- Katy Perry Halloween Nails

Hey everyone! First.. Hooray for my 200th blog post and reaching over 50,000 page views! Woo! Second.. Do you like my new Halloween layout?! I know it's practically the end of the month, but it's never too late for a little blog re-decorating, in my opinion!

Today I have the nails that go with my Katy Perry Halloween Outfit. These match my dress, more than they're actually "inspired by" Katy.. but I could totally see her rocking these anyways because they're sparkly and really fun!

I decided to use China Glaze Dorothy Who? as my base color and do my index and ring fingers as accent nails. Dorothy Who? is a great cerulean blue jelly with blue and silver glitter (3 coats). On the hand that is pictured, my index finger is Piggy Polish Confetti which is fuchsia micro-glitter and gold and green bar glitter in a clear base (4 coats) and my ring finger is OPI Crown Me Already! which is various sizes and shapes of silver glitter also in a clear base (4 coats).

For my right hand, I reversed the Confetti and Crown Me Already! nails just to add some interest. :)

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Halloween is coming up soon! Chris and I have already done our costume/Halloween festivities this year.. but I'd love to hear what you're going to be if you plan on going to a party!

PS - I've switched my commenting system back to Disqus because I've become really lax in replying to comments since I knew no one would stop back by to see if I had replied.. and that just made me feel like a bad blogger. So if I've neglected your comments, I'm sorry! But it won't happen again! I'm hoping that Disqus will work better this time.. Last time I had major problems with it!

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