Monday, October 24, 2011

MUSINGS -- Are You Properly Managing Your Health?

Hey everyone! This is a non-beauty related post, but I feel like it's something that needs to be discussed. Are you someone who goes to the dentist every year? Or do your yearly cleanings turn more into an "emergency trip to the dentist only when absolutely necessary?"

Unfortunately, Chris and I have fallen into the latter category. I can't even tell you when the last time I had a regular cleaning was, and that in itself is really bad! Did you know that your dentist can detect more than just gingivitis? Heart attacks and strokes have both been linked to gum disease associated with poor oral hygiene. Yikes!

But what do you do if it's been entirely too long since you've been to the dentist and yours is no longer on your insurance? Or, even worse, you don't have one? There's a website called that lets you search for reputable dentists in your area.

I think this is such a fabulous idea, and I really like how much detail the website gives you. You can see pictures, contact information and bios of dentists, along with patient ratings and even before and after samples of their work. When it comes to your health, you can never do too much research on someone. Especially since you're putting your body in their hands! I definitely want to know the credentials of my medical professionals and all of mine have come through word of mouth. I like that Top Dentists includes the rating system so that you can read independent reviews on the practitioners listed on their site.

Another thing I think is cool is that it also has an information section where you can learn about procedures like crowns and bridges, cosmetic things like teeth whitening and veneers and Lumineers and even procedures like gum surgery and contouring and maxillofacial surgery. Again, y'all know I'm all for doing my research so a site that makes it one-stop and easy to understand is super convenient for me. (And if you're wondering, yes.. I finally learned the difference between a bridge and a crown!)

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I hope this serves as a reminder for you to go get your teeth cleaned if it's something you've been neglecting. Or go get a physical or an eye exam if you've been slacking on those too. I know it sounds silly and maybe even a little sappy... but it IS Breast Cancer Awareness month, and it's made me not only re-think my monthly self-exam, but my overall healthcare regime in general.

Yes, while the "don't fix it if it's not broken" adage does successfully apply to many things.. your health is not one of them! Anything that's left undetected for too long isn't good. For example: My grandpa hadn't had a physical or eye exam for 20 years and finally broke down to have his cataracts removed because he was almost completely blind.. but he had to get a physical before his eye doctor would do the surgery. Turns out, he had prostate cancer that had gone undetected for YEARS. No one knew because he never went to the doctor.

I know I got a little bit off topic there, but it's the best story I have to drive my point home. Don't wait til it's too late. Please be proactive about your health.. because you only have one body!

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