Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Here's the Story of How Chris and I Met The Gym Class Heroes...

Obviously, this post is completely non-beauty related, so feel free to skip it.. but I think it's a cool story and if I write it out here, when people ask me about it now I can be like "Oh, you can read about it on my blog!" instead of having to either type or tell the same story 50 times. Because.. I get kinda lazy after a while. I'm not even gonna try to lie. So.. here's how it happened:

The Gym Class Heroes were performing at The Masquerade on October 16th and a few days before, one of the local radio stations posted a caption contest on FB. The prize was tickets to the concert and a meet & greet with the band. So, you know, I gave it my best shot and then promptly forgot all about it. Because who would figure I'd end up winning?! Totally not me. A little while later, one of the station DJs messaged me on FB and told me I won.

There was a whole lot of screaming and jumping that resulted on my end of the conversation.. and I'm probably sure I damaged his hearing when he called me to confirm everything over the phone. Oh well.. hazards of his job, right? :)

"Artsy" picture of The Masquerade. Love that place!
Unfortunately, I was scheduled to work during the meet & greet time and there was no way I could get off.. but the band was nice enough to work us in before the show.. so Chris and I got there and the two opening bands were pretty good. We'd never heard either one (Out of Sight and The Dirty Heads).. so it was cool to experience new stuff.

Awww, we're so cute!
So.. The Gym Class Heroes let us hang with them during their "band time" right before they went on stage. Everyone was REALLY nice. Disashi was my favorite. He spent the most time with us and told us stories from being on Warped Tour.. He also told us to always believe in ourselves and to not be afraid of having a dream and following it. Great life advice, right?!

Unfortunately, Travie was running really late and we only got to see him for literally like a minute. But he was super cool and showed me his Hall & Oates tattoos when I told him I liked their music then he called me "Baby Girl" and he told me he liked the pink in my hair. Omg. Y'ALL. In my head, I was dying. I was all like "AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" but I totally kept it cool on the outside. You know how it is...

Then we took the picture with them that I posted above and went back out to the venue. By the time we'd made it to the front of the stage, Disashi was already onstage and their set had started. Totally cool.

Obligatory Travie pic because.. Omg, I absolutely adore him! ♥
The show was amazing. Obviously. They played all their old stuff, and the new song "Stereo Hearts" .. of course. Oh yea, and they all signed my shirt. No clue what the second half of Travie's signature says? It looks like "GUL (:"?? (He signed on the heart.) And as much as I love the shirt, I actually haven't worn it yet.. shocking, I know.

My totally awesome shirt. :)

- - - - - * - - - - -

So yea.. that's pretty much the story. Seems kinda tame, but awesome at the same time. It was definitely an experience Chris and I will never forget, and The Gym Class Heroes are totally awesome in person. And really nice for accommodating us when I couldn't make the original meet & greet.

Have you ever won any cool contests or gotten to meet famous people? I'd love to hear your stories! 

PS -- We met Hanson back in 2010.. that was pretty cool. And I won a $500 gas card from another radio station back in like 2008 (I think). That was also pretty awesome. Maybe I should try my luck at contests more often!

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