Friday, October 14, 2011

FRIDAY FAVORITES -- Tarte's LipSurgence Crayons

Hey everyone! Happy Friday, Friday.. gotta get down on Friday! :ahem: Anyways, I hope everyone had a great week and is looking forward to the weekend. :D

One of the many perks of my job is that I get to try a lot of makeup I wouldn't normally venture towards just because it's out in the store. If there's makeup, I'm gonna play with it. End of story. So trust me when I say that it didn't take me long to start swatching the Tarte LipSurgence stains on the back of my hand.

I was pleasantly surprised with how they felt. They're shaped like a crayon, but are a lot like a hybrid of a tinted lip balm and a gloss. They're long-lasting, non-drying and not the least bit sticky. Eventually, I moved on to wearing them during my shifts and now I've absolutely fallen in love with them!

There's a wide variety of colors and finishes (ranging from matte to shimmer), and Tarte's products are all-natural and cruelty-free.. which is a huge plus to me! They contain Vitamins E and C and are supposed to plump your lips and moisturize them with Jojoba Seed and Peppermint oil. The Tarte website claims that the LipSurgence crayon is clinically proven to increase the moisture content in your lips by 6,000% in 28 days.

That's not a typo. Six THOUSAND percent! In my head, I can picture Chris coming to kiss me and my lips turning into water and splashing off my face like that Schick Hydro commercial:

Yea, my mind makes weird associations sometimes. I can't help it. Aaaannnyyyyways...

I really enjoy wearing them alone or over a lipstick just to deepen and intensify the color a little bit. Another bonus is that the crayons twist up, so you never have to worry about sharpening them or wasting product!

The LipSurgence pencils are 3g and retail for $24 a piece. They're available in-store and online at Ulta and Sephora and on Tarte's website as well. They also have a limited edition Holiday set that contains 5 full-size pencils for $29. That's a $120 value! I know I'll be snatching that up for sure.. because I love these and would love to have them for my own.

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Hope everyone has a great weekend! I'll be working both days BUT I have 3 days off next week! So I'm very excited about that. Hopefully I'll be able to finally sit down and film the multitude of YT videos I have on my list!

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