Friday, October 28, 2011

FRIDAY FAVORITES -- Nail Polish!!!

Happy Friday! I think it's NO surprise that at one point I'd pick this as be my Friday Favorite. I just.. :sigh: I can't get over how much I love nail polish!

I'm the girl that always has her nails painted. Always. And I've been that way for.. well, at least the last decade. I feel so naked without nail polish... it's kind of sad in a way, I guess.

Currently, I have 217 bottles and I can't say that I plan on stopping any time soon. I've completely overflowed the original massive storage container that I bought to house all of my pretties and Chris is holding firm on refusing to let me buy another one.. but I'm going to buy one anyways. My babies need a home! The good news (IS there good news when you get upwards of 200 bottles? lol) is that now I'm more selective on what I like and what I buy. I no longer buy bottles just to get a collection or when I have other things very similar already at home. A polish either has to be unique in my collection, different enough to warrant a purchase or I have to really love it for me to purchase it.

I've also noticed that my tastes have changed over time. I used to be ALL about pinks and reds, but lately I'm leaning more towards blues. Odd, isn't it?

I love that polishes are an inexpensive way to complete or make over an outfit and that it's so easy to make them a fashion statement with nail art. At my job, we can only wear solid black and white.. so I rely on my nails for that important "pop" of color. I mean, neon leopard print nails totally look amazing when paired with all black!

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What are your thoughts on polish? Love it? Or leave it?


  1. Before I started blogging about polish, my favorite polish was OPI I'm Not Really A Waitress. My tastes have changed DRAMATICALLY since then, haha!

  2. I love I'm Not Really a Waitress and we sell SO many bottles of it at work! My favorite color before I started blogging was ChG Ruby Pumps. Still a favorite because of the nostalgia (it was the first bottle of "expensive" polish I ever bought and I treated it like gold!) but I never wear it now.

    I love the names of OPI polishes.. especially all of the "Suzi" ones. We were actually talking about those at work the other day while restocking the OPI display, haha!

  3. I have become addicted to nail polish in the last year and a half... I have told myself so many times that I have enough and I won't buy anymore, but then I see something gorgeous and pick up several more. I don't even try to dissuade myself anymore, I've just accepted and embraced it. A little while ago, I was into blues and greens, and now I'm loving pinks and reds! Thank God nail polish doesn't expire!

  4. I know! I told myself I'd have a "No Buy November" this month and it's barely the 2nd and I'm already struggling. I should have known better than to attempt a No Buy during the holiday season. Maybe I'll postpone it? lol