Saturday, September 17, 2011

My First Braves Game: 'Star Wars Night' at Turner Field

Hey everyone! Sorry I didn't have a 'Friday Favorites' post yesterday.. My day totally didn't go anywhere near like I'd planned.

I woke up over 2 and a half hours later than I wanted to, had errands to run and then fought with the post office for over an hour trying to pick up a certified letter that ended up not even being for us (they had tried to deliver it to the wrong address) and then Chris and I rushed to clean the house before our friend came over. I have this compulsion that I have to clean before we have guests over... it's so inconvenient sometimes.

But like I said, our dear friend Kent came over and we went to the Braves game. It was so embarrassing and painful that we left during the 7th inning. The score was 11-2 in favor of the Mets at that point, we figured the best thing we could do was try to beat the traffic heading home. It was Star Wars night at Turner field, so there was some cool stuff. I got to hug Chewbacca and he made the Wookie noise! And he was like over 7 feet tall! It was so amazing. I'm not even gonna lie.

I'm kinda bummed that was how my first Braves game (ever!) ended up, but we still had fun. And I guess the good news is the next game we go to will HAVE to be better.. right?! We've all agreed to make it to at least one Falcons game this season. I'm so excited for that! I'm not the biggest baseball fan, but I love football! And one of the girls I grew up dancing with is a Falcons cheerleader, so I'd love to go support her. ♥

Hooray for forced smiles! Hard to be happy when the Mets open the game with 4 runs. :(
On our way home, we stopped and had a greasy late night snack at Waffle House and then came back to our house to watch an episode of 'Deadliest Warrior.' All three of us love that show. We had wanted to watch the most recent episode that pitted vampires against zombies, but it wasn't "On Demand" so we watched another one instead. It was still awesome.

I'm working long shifts today and tomorrow, so I don't know if I'll be posting.. but I'll definitely be back in gear by Monday.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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